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The British Business Directory is here to help you find British products such as British made clothes, British sports brands, shoes and furniture made in UK. Below are categories of British products that are 100 % Made in Great Britain and the UK. Just click on the icons to view some fantastic items made by skilled craftspeople and artisans in this country and help support Buy British. You can also become a Made in Great Britain member and enjoy benefits such as discounts on products and a membership badge. If you are a business who makes products in Britain, you can feature in our British Business Directory and enjoy promotion in our Best of British pages.

  • BRITISH CLOTHING BRANDS –  WOMEN – Take a look at some of the best British made women’s clothing brands, from high fashion to every day and occasion wear. 
  • BRITISH CLOTHING BRANDS – MEN Take a look at some of the best British made men’s clothing. From luxury shirts and overcoats to casual wear such as jeans and polo shirts. 
  • BRITISH CLOTHING BRANDS – KIDS  – Shop for your kids from some of the best British kids clothing brands. From toddler to teen, romper suits to cute dresses. 
  • BRITISH MADE HANDBAGS – Looking for a British made bag or accessories. Take a look at some of the best British bags and handbags, from totes to shoppers, shoulder bags to clutch. Also, scarves and sunglasses. 
  • BRITISH MADE SHOES –  Britain has some fantastic shoemakers. Check out shoes for MEN and WOMEN that are fully made in the UK. From sandals to shoes and boots. Britain makes them all. GIFTS AND JEWELLERY – Shop our gifts and jewellery category to find everything from personalised key-rings, candles and photo frames, to experience days and gold and silver jewellery for women and men. 
  • BEAUTY AND SKINCARE – Everything from organic and natural skin care and lotions, to British made makeup and anti ageing creams. The best of British beauty. 
  • UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR – From everyday underwear to luxury lingerie and swimwear. Many are sustainable and ethical brands. 
  • GYM EQUIPMENT – If you are looking to create or upgrade your home gym, here you can find some of the best British made gym equipment for personal or commercial gyms. 
  • ATHLEISURE AND ACTIVEWEAR – British made athleisure and activewear clothing. From sports bras to gym leggings and yoga clothing. Wear British made while working out. 
  • CYCLING EQUIPMENT – Whether it’s a British made bicycle or clothing, helmets and accessories, you can certainly find a British made cycling accessory to suit your needs. 
  • BRITISH FURNITURE BRANDS – Looking to upgrade the old worn sofa, or give the bedroom a new look. Here you can find the best of British made furniture for all the rooms in your house. 
  • AUDIO AND SPEAKERS  – Kit out your home with the latest and best audio equipment and speakers, all made in the UK. 
  • HOME FURNISHINGS – From cushions to wallpaper, furniture paint to decorative ornaments and artwork. The best of British home and interiors. 
  • DIY AND TOOLS – Made by some of the best craftspeople and manufacturers in the UK, these tools will last you a generation. British built for quality. 

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