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British Clothing Brands for women – Everything from little black dresses to tweed country clothing, all Made in Britain. 

British Clothing Brands for Men – From casual to exquisitely dapper, there are some fantastic British made men’s clothing designers. 

British made Women’s Shoes.  Everyday and designer shoes for made in Britain by our some of our best shoemakers. 

British made Men’s shoes. Buy British made, built to last shoes, boots and trainers from the best shoemakers in Britain. 

Designer bags and accessories made in Britain. Quality bags, handbags and purses for all occasions by British artisans. 

British made underwear and swimwear. Shop for British made lingerie, underwear and swimwear for men and women. 

The best British made beauty products and skincare, including organic and vegan friendly all made in Britain. 

Shop from some of the best British made children’s clothing brands.  Baby and toddler clothes, and maternity wear

Shop for British made luxury dog bedsdesigner dog collars, leads and food for your pet. 

British made Lagers, Beers and Wines.  Award winning Artisan Cheeses, snacks, and British made Gins and Vodka brands. 

British Business Directory – Homewear and Furnishings by British designers. From bespoke lighting to bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture. 

UK Business Directory – British made watches,  jewellery and luxury leather goods. Candles, and soaps and personalised gifts for all occasions. 

British Business Directory – TV’s, white goods, home security. Phone cases and device holders coming soon.

UK Business Directory – British made cycling equipmentoutdoor gear and camping equipment and Bicycles made in UK

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The British Business Directory - Helping you find British made products

The British Business Directory is here to help you find British products such as British clothing brands, British sports brands, shoes and furniture made in UK. Below are categories of British products that are 100 % Made in Great Britain and the UK. Just click on the icons to view some fantastic items made by skilled craftspeople and artisans in this country and help support Buy British. You can also become a Made in Great Britain member and enjoy benefits such as discounts on products and a membership badge. If you are a business who makes products in Britain, you can feature in our British Business Directory and enjoy promotion in our Best of British pages. 

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