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We all know Britain is a nation of animal lovers. Whether its dog beds made in Britain or a bling cat collar, we are sure you will find something to suit your beloved pet. Find a range of handmade dog collars, treats, toys and ethical dog and cat food.

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Peace of mind Pet Insurance

The PDSA is a British animal charity which was started by Maria Dickin back in 1917 who was determined to help those in need with their pets. The first PDSA dispensary opened in a tiny cellar in London’s east End. Every animal pet insurance policy helps to contribute to the great services that the PDSA provide. And remember, it’s a small cost for piece of mind. Get your insurance now before problems occur with your pet and that leaves you not being able to get cover for a particular problem your dog or cat may encounter, and which in the long run could cost you thousands.™ Handmade designer dog collars and leads. Unique designs with attention to detail. Made with the best quality materials. They also have a range of bling dog accessories.

These High Quality Dog Beds made in Britain are made machine washable and with waterproof materials and are designed in their factory in St Leonards on Sea, East Susse

McAdams is different. They make natural dog food using whole British free range chickens and have made the best quality dog food to help support ethical, cruelty free, British farming.

Pet Accessories UK

Little BigPaw recipes only include natural British ingredients and every single mouthful has been expertly balanced to provide optimum nutrition.

Producing Healthy, High Quality, Cold Pressed Food For Your Dog. Packed With Nutrients, Easily Digestible. Made In The UK.

All Berkeley British made luxury dog beds and bedding are sourced from a small network of craftsmen and suppliers.

British made Pet Accessories

British pet brand Broughton & Co create luxury handmade leather dog collars, leads and pet accessories such as personalised dog tags and knitted dog scarves.

Teddy Maximus offers a wide range of products each inspired by fun, luxury British style. Fun, luxury products with British craftsmanship at their core,

Dogatella is a British luxury pet brand that combines traditional leather craftsmanship, exclusive designs and functionality. Each individual piece is quality made in England.

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