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"Nothing is made in Britain anymore"!

I bet you have heard people say ” Britain dosen’t make anything anymore ” That’s clearly not true, but you can see where they are coming from. Previously big names in manufacturing have either disappeared or been taken over by companies in other countries. Some businesses make out like they are British made when in reality they are only designed in Britain. Normally if a company makes their products in Britain then they will clearly say so on the product or website. 

Identifying British made products

Just displaying the British flag on a website or product does not mean it was made in Britain. Many people purchase an item with our flag displayed only to find out it was made elsewhere.

Similarly if you see the words, British Designed or British engineered  it was also more than likely made somewhere else.

There are no exact rules for how much of a product needs to be made in this country before adding the Made in Britain stamp.  But if you go by the 1968 trade descriptions act, “Goods shall have been deemed to have been manufactured or produced in the country they last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change “

So its not about a certain percentage, it’s about substantial changes being made. Having a product designed in Britain is not enough to display the name, neither is just supplying the parts or  whether the company is British owned or not. However, they can display the Union Jack and this can then be very misleading. 

Not all British Brands make everything in Britain

If someone wanted to Buy British and asked you to name some truly British made products brands, you may be forgiven for naming some of the following. They may make some of their lines here and may have at one time made entirely in this country, but they are not always a 100% exclusively Made in UK brand now. 

British Brands not made in Britain

Some Brands you might think make everything here

  • Barbour – Founded in 1894 and home to the iconic wax jacket, Barbour may be one of the first names off your tongue when asked about a British made clothing brand. And although they still make jackets in their South Shields factory, some of their other jackets are made in places such as Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey.  
  • Dr Martens – With it’s headquarters based in the Northamptonshire, and an iconic symbol of the 1970’s and 80’s punk movement, many people insist on the quality and style of a Dr Martens shoe or boot. Unfortunately only a small percentage are still Made in England with many now made in China and Thailand. But it’s easy to spot which ones are Made in Britain. Just look inside the tongue of the boot or shoe and notice the not so attractive stamp of Made in Thailand. You can buy Made in England Doc Martens here. 
  • New Balance – New Balance were founded in Boston USA. Yes they do make 30% of their trainers in Frimley, England, but most are made in the USA, so be sure you check they are from the Made in UK range before buying, or better still buy a pair of Norman Walsh, Made in England trainers. The only British owned and made in Britain trainer manufacturer. 

Other brands making overseas

  • Burberry – Founded in 1856 in Basingstoke, Hampshire this very British brand produced outerwear for explorers to the military. The iconic Burberry check is a trademarked design. They still manufacture in the UK, but also in China, India, USA and Europe. 
  • Clarks Shoes – Steeped in history, Clarks shoes were founded way back in 1826 in Somerset. Well known for their comfort and practicality, Clarks were worn by British army officers in World War 2. Their shoes are now made in China, India, Brazil and Vietnam after their British factory closed. ( update, Clarks now announce that as from early next year, they will be making shoes in their new state of the art facility in Somerset. Please check before buying as Clarks keep changing where they now manufacture.
  • These are just a few fashion and shoe brands that many people will quote as being, Made in UK or Great Britain. To really  find British made, then either do your research first or bookmark our website and British Business Directory

So how do you search for British made online?

How do you find British made products? For many, it’s just a matter of typing into Google, search terms such as British made shoes or Womenswear Made in Britain for example. But this can bring up a whole load of websites that sell men’s clothes that aren’t Made in Britain. This is time consuming, and can get frustrating when you are mislead into thinking an item is made in this country. So why not bookmark our British Business Directory and check out some of the best British made products? 

When shopping online you can find out more about a company and the products it makes if you click on the about us link. This will usually be found at the bottom of the page or in the menu.  It will usually tell you the company history, where they source their materials and all about their manufacturing of the products. If it is still unclear where the product is made then  always email them or live chat their customer services to be sure. 

Buy from Britain and support our economy!

Back in 1968, Britain was in the economic doldrums. Then five young female typists working at Colt Ventilation and Heating Ltd in Surbiton, made a New Year’s resolution.  To work an extra half an hour a day without any extra pay. This statement was quickly picked up by the press and the movement had begun. Other companies also started to announce that their employees would also be extra for no extra pay. Then Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister gave his backing. Suddenly a media storm erupted and the secretaries were at the centre of it. Before you knew it, hastily made “I’m Back Britain T-shirts, mugs  and badges were being made….in Portugal…

As we all know, situations change. At the time of writing this article, we are still living in the so called, “new normal” and feeling the effects of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. To add to that, which was inevitable the UK economy has now entered recession. It is even more important than ever to support UK companies, manufacturers, and independent businesses that make their products here. Many British businesses will suffer during this period. Some will continue and some will flourish. British manufacturers have started to make face masks and coverings with off cut materials, just to help with their turnover. But ultimately some will close and we could lose skilled craftspeople in the process.

Using Made in Great Britain to Buy British!

The reason why Made in Great Britain was created was to help people find British made products easier and encourage them to Buy British more often. In the British Business Directory we put together categories of 100% British made items. So it’s easy to find British made Menswear, British Beauty and Skincare, Furniture, Gym Equipment, Footwear and more. And then you will be confident that you know exactly where it was made.

Companies on our Made in Great Britain website manufacture in Britain. A few may also make a couple of products elsewhere but that is stated on their website. There may be cases where a company uses raw materials from other countries such as Italian leather for example. It is quite alright to purchase textiles or materials required for making a product from overseas.  But there must be a substantial change to the end product in the final processes to display the country of origin. As a rule, we at Made in Great Britain only want to show businesses who actually make, design and produce British made products. 


Dont stop now! Do your Bit!

Buy British. It just rolls of the tongue dosen’t it? It’s been the slogan of quite a few National campaigns throughout the years, with different governments trying to encourage the British population to Make it British made and Buy British to support the economy and keep people in jobs. We think we need another Buy British Campaign and really get the support of the nation behind it. Now with the power of social media we could actually have a successful Buy British campaign with your help. 

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