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British made Women's Clothes, Best Brands Made in UK

Are you trying to move away from fast fashion and the cheaper quality made clothes from Asia. Popular high street stores sell millions of garments each year, putting many small and independent brands that make in the UK out of business. 

There are some great British fashion designers of clothing in this country and we need to support the UK clothes manufacturing business as much as we can. Buying British made clothes will can also help lower your carbon footprint. Many of the UK makers and manufacturers source their materials from UK suppliers and use recyclable packaging. Take a look at our list of women’s clothing made in the UK below. 

Luxury Coats and Jackets by Mackintosh

Mackintosh the world famous coat maker have a great selection of women’s coats, jackets and knitwear that are still Made in their Uk factory plant in Scotland. There is no denying the quality of these garments which are still made using traditional methods by skilled people. Not cheap but pure British excellence. 

Celtic & Co women's Clothing

Celtic & Co. design and create ethically sourced women’s clothing, enduring contemporary pieces using ethically sourced natural fibres, and are handmade in Cornwall. They have a good range of coats, jackets, roll necks, outerwear and footwear for women. From Sheepskin boots to Kilts and casual dresses for the Summer season. 

British clothing for women at Amazing Prices

Closet London have a huge collection of British made women’s clothing including dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and coats and the prices are really amazing for the quality. For British made, you will really have to search to find better quality for the price. 95% of all their garments are made here. 

British Womenswear Collections at BritYard

Brityard are a website that has many categories of British brands including women’s clothing. Most of the British made can be found here.  These include  Julian road, Hyde and Hare and Bo Carter. You can shop all of those here and more here.  

Teddy Edward Clothing for Women

Teddy Edward are one of the best British brands for luxury clothing that’s made from materials sourced from the UK. They have created British made women’s clothes such as moleskin jeans and skirts, tops and loungewear, bags and accessories to the highest quality.

Ehtical Vegan Fashion Made in UK

ADKN one of the best vegan fashion brands that exclusively crafts ethically-made, vegan clothing for women. Their clothes are meticulously produced in London, using only sustainable materials and processes that prioritize the well-being of both the planet and the people involved in the manufacturing process. The brand is also committed to ensuring their clothing has a low environmental impact and a long-lasting quality, by making clothes to order and without overproduction. Overall, ADKN offers a refreshing alternative to the fast fashion industry and supports conscious consumerism.

Women's Luxury Knitwear Brand

John Smedley is renowned all over the world for the quality of their fine gauge knitwear. Here at the John Smedley outlet you can get last season’s pieces for more than half the price. 

Enka Couture

With 20 years experience, Enka bring beautifully designed women’s apparel to the British fashion industry. Moving away from the current throw away culture, they ensure all of their garments are manufactured in the UK. 

The Other Label

Women’s clothes made in Britain. Designed for women of all shapes and sizes, The other label clothing is beautiful and comfortable. All of the clothing is manufactured in the UK and consist of Loungewear tops, bottoms, dresses and cardigans. Use code MADEINGREATBRITAIN20 to recieve 20% off at the checkout. 

Danni Matthews

Danni Matthews has a small range of Made in Britain negligee and kimono night dresses available on their Amazon UK store. 

British made Women's Ethical Clothing

Belles of London are a contemporary British Women’s clothes brand that’s designed and ethically made in London. Creating clothing for women across all ages and body shapes, with the aim to make you look and feel fantastic. 

British Women's Fashion

Zalinah White produces British made women’s clothing that balances everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Designed and manufactured in the UK, her pieces are handcrafted with love.

Alice Early

Beautiful clothing created with a considered, sustainable approach. Alice Early’s beautiful clothing connects with people who share a love of quality design and British-made products. 

Glenmuir casmere

Glenmuir are a world famous Scottish knitwear brand and golf clothing manufacturer. They have a selection of stunning 100% cashmere jumpers and sweaters for women that are made in the UK. 

British Knitting attire

Waring Brooke are a UK brand in British made luxury knitwear designed for women who share a love of the outdoors and British countryside. They are supporter of Slow fashion and make everything themselves using quality yearns. 

British Women's Organic Sustainable Clothing

Nancy Dee are a British ethical and organic women’s clothing designer brand. Creating versatile and fashionable dresses, tops, jumpsuits and bottoms, exclusively designed and made in Great Britain. 

Vintage Inspired Clothes, Made in UK

Palava make stunning vintage inspired British women’s clothing. They design and print onto their own organic fabrics and make into exciting clothing. Their range of jumpers, trousers, coats and jackets have a true vintage feel with beautiful floral prints, perfect for all seasons. 

Menopause Clothing, Made in Britain

Esteem No Pause offer flexible menopause clothing, a clothing solution to night sweats and hot flushes. Solution based women’s clothing, made in Britain. 

Petite Women's Clothing - Jennifer Anne

Jennifer Anne is a British luxury women’s clothes brand designed for petite women. They provide a wealth of choice in clothing in petite sizes, in beautifully tailored and classic designs. All designed and made in the UK. 

Affordable UK made Women's Clothing

Cocoove create all of their beautiful clothing for women in the UK and source much of their materials from the North West of England. With many prints designed by Ria herself, there is attention to detail in all her affordable pieces. 

Occasionwear, Made in Britain for Woman

A British Heritage brand founded by Tiffany London. The entire Allie Street collection of evening wear occasion dresses and bridal gowns are made in Britain.

Scottish designer Knitwear for women

Eribé are proud to champion made in Scotland. Their Scottish made women’s knitwear collections can be found in stores in 16 countries. Their knitwear brings a contemporary twist to traditional Scottish clothes.

Luxury British Women's Nightwear

PJ Pann create fabulous nightwear, pyjamas and loungewear for women and men. See the quality in design and manufacture with their epic silk creations and luxurious cotton tops and bottoms. 

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