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British made Women’s Clothing | Women’s Clothes Made in Britain | British made Women’s Clothes

Mackintosh the world famous coat maker have a great selection of women’s coats, jackets and knitwear that are still Made in their Uk factory plant in Scotland. There is no denying the quality of these garments which are still made using traditional methods by skilled people. Not cheap but pure British excellence. 

Celtic & Co. design and create ethically sourced women’s clothing, enduring contemporary pieces using ethically sourced natural fibres, and are handmade in Cornwall. They have a good range of coats, jackets, roll necks, outerwear and footwear for women. From Sheepskin boots to Kilts and casual dresses for the Summer season. 

Closet London have a huge collection of British made women’s clothing including dresses, trousers, skirts, tops and coats and the prices are really amazing for the quality. For British made, you will really have to search to find better quality for the price. 95% of all their garments are made here. 

Brityard are a website that has many categories of British brands including women’s clothing. Most of the British made can be found here.  These include  Julian road, Hyde and Hare and Bo Carter. You can shop all of those here and more here.  

Teddy Edward are one of the best British brands for luxury clothing that’s made from materials sourced from the UK. They have created British made women’s clothes such as moleskin jeans and skirts, tops and loungewear, bags and accessories to the highest quality.

John Smedley is renowned all over the world for the quality of their fine gauge knitwear. Here at the John Smedley outlet you can get last season’s pieces for more than half the price. 

British made clothes for women

Made in Great Britain Clothes for women

Ladies Clothes Made in UK

Women's Clothes Made in Britain

British made Women's Clothing

Clothes Made in Britain for women

Women’s Clothes Made in Britain

If you are trying to move away from the Primark, cheaper made clothing, that’s made in China, then take a look at some of the best British made women’s clothing. From Plus size clothes, to world famous knitwear, luxury British sourced materials and high fashion, affordable clothes, all made in the UK. There are some great British fashion designers of clothing in this country and we need to support the UK clothes manufacturing business as best we can, now more than ever. British made clothes will can also help you to lower your carbon footprint. Many of the UK makers and manufacturers source their materials from UK suppliers, use recyclable packaging or even donate money or plant trees. Don’t forget to shop our men’s and kids clothing brands that are Made in Great Britain too. 

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