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Women's Clothes Made in Britain

young female model in designer alien t shirt by simeon farrar with red lipstick and made in London England, young british designers, designer womens clothes
Women's Designer Clothing - Made in London

Young British Fashion Designer, Simeon Farrar designs and makes women’s art fashion in his studio in London. Items include T-shirts, tops, skirts and accessories. Items are designed, finished, printed and made London. 

belles of london, british made women's clothes, british women's clothing,
Belles of London - Ethical Women's Clothing

Belles of London are a contemporary British Women’s clothes brand that’s designed and ethically made in London. Creating clothing for women across all ages and body shapes, with the aim to make you look and feel fantastic. 

jennifer anne, petite women, british made women's clothes, clothes for short women, clothes for small women, uk made women's clothing
Jennifer Anne - Petite Women's Collection

Jennifer Anne is a British luxury women’s clothes brand designed for petite women. They provide a wealth of choice in clothing in petite sizes, in beautifully tailored and classic designs. All designed and made in the UK. 

British made Women's Clothing

alice early, sustainable women's clothes, woman in long check dress, british made women's clothing
Alice Early - Sustainable Fashion, London

Beautiful clothing created with a considered, sustainable approach. Alice Early’s beautiful clothing connects with people who share a love of quality design and British-made products. 

zalinah white, fine british fashion, british made women's clothes
Zalinah White - Fine British Fashion

Zalinah White produces women’s clothing that balances everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Designed and manufactured in the UK, her pieces are handcrafted with love.

Women's Clothes Made in Britain

nancy dee london, british made women's clothing, women's clothes made in britain, blonde in black party dress,
Nancy Dee, London - Organic, Sustainable Clothing

Nancy Dee are a British ethical and organic women’s clothing designer brand. Creating versatile and fashionable dresses, tops and bottoms, exclusively designed and made in Britain. 

foxology, sustainable knitwear brand, uk women's clothes
Foxology - Sustainable and Beautiful Knitwear

Foxology Est 2017. Creating sustainable and beautiful British made knitwear for women, made  with love, passion and low impact on the planet.  Foxology strive to encourage a more mindful and sustainable way of life. 

British made Women's Clothing

haylet trezise. raggedy clothes, unique wearable art, women's clothes made in uk
Raggedy - Hayley Trezise - Wearable Art

Haley Trezise’s Raggedy, Blends Sustainability and Spirit to Create Unique Wearable Art for women.  All hand made in Britain.

palava, woman in vintage style skirt, vintage inspired clothing, british made women's clothes, women's clothing made in britain
Palava - Vintage Inspired Clothing

Palava make stunning vintage inspired women’s clothing. They design and print onto their own organic fabrics and make into exciting clothing. 

British made Women's Clothing

esteem no pause, two women in t shirt dresses, menopausal women's clothing
Esteem No Pause - Menopausal Clothing for Women

Esteem No Pause offer flexible menopause clothing, a clothing solution to night sweats and hot flushes. Solution based women’s clothing, made in Britain. 

celtic and co, british made women's clothes, women's clothes made in britain, woman in long knitted maxi dress
Celtic and Co - Ethically Sourced Fashion

Celtic & Co. design and create ethically sourced women’s clothing, enduring contemporary pieces using ethically sourced natural fibres, and are handmade in Cornwall. 

British made Women's Clothing

justine tabak, woman in floral pink summer dress, british made women's clothing, women's clothes made in britain, uk women's clothing
Justine Tabak - British made women's clothing

High fashion, sustainably made UK women’s clothing. Using local manufacturers Justine produces beautiful, garments that include vintage inspired dresses. 

alie street, woman in blue occasion dress, made in britain, british made women's clothing, uk women's clothing, women's clothes made in britain
Alie Street - British made Occasionwear Clothing

A British Heritage brand founded by Tiffany London. The entire Alie Street collection of evening wear occasion dresses and bridal gowns are made in Britain.

Women's Clothing Made in Britain

pj pann, luxuey british pyjamas, woman in paisley pyjama shorts and orange vest top, british made women's clothes
PJ Pann - British Luxury Nightwear

PJ Pann, made in Britain, producing the very finest British made nightwear. Based in the highlands of Perthshire, PJ Pann’s entire luxury nightwear collection is manufactured in the UK. 

eribe knitwear, scottish knitted jumpers for women, british made knitwear, british made women's clothes
Eribe Knitwear - Scottish Knitwear Designer

Eribé are proud to champion made in Scotland. Their Scottish made women’s knitwear collections can be found in stores in 16 countries. Their knitwear brings a contemporary twist to traditional Scottish clothes. 

British made Women's Clothing

hiut denim, british made women's clothing, blonde young woman in skinny jeans
Hiut Denim - Quality British made Denim Jeans

Hiut make the best denim jeans they can, everyday, using the best cuts of denim and cut them using an expert dye.  The longer you go without washing them, the better they are. 

siobhan molloy, women's luxe brand, woman in high fashion black and white dress, made in britain, british made women's clothes
Siobhan Molloy - British Luxe Women's Clothing

Using the finest materials to create small scale high quality, timeless slow fashion and designer pieces for the woman who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Take a look at some of tour favourite women’ clothes Made in Britain. Not only do all the businesses featured here, design and make their clothes in Britain, but more are now using ethical and sustainable materials in doing so. They employ some of the best artisans and experienced craftsman and women to produce quality, luxury women’s clothes and British heritage clothing. You can be sure of the best sourced fabrics and materials such as British tweed and cottons and wools

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