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Made in Great Britain, Made in Britain, Made in the UK

Made in Great Britain, Made in Britain and Made in the UK. Once these names were regularly seen on products in this country. It maybe less frequent to see these names now but that does not mean that we don’t still have fantastic Manufacturers in the UK and still make many quality products, from clothing, shoes, and beauty products, to furniture and outdoor equipment. We sometimes need help to find which products are Made in Britain. That’s what we at Made in Great Britain do. Help you to buy British made and support British and UK designers, artisans and keep British craftsmanship alive. You can shop British in our British Business Directory. 

Made in Britain

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Made in Britain

Are you a small business, start-up business or large company looking to re-brand? Maybe you want to bring production back to Britain. If you want to find British manufacturers to help your business, then we can help you find the right one. Our Manufacturers Directory contains categories of listings including Clothing manufacturers, Packaging, Electrical, Automotive and more. Finding manufacturers that are local to your business help to keep your carbon footprint lower. It will also create jobs, and ensure British craftsmanship and artisan skills stay alive. So try to make it British, when it comes the manufacturing side of your business. Find a British manufacturer in our British Manufacturers Directory

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Made in England

We’ve put together some items of clothing from various English brands to form complete outfits. If you want to know what to wear this year that’s Made in England, take a look here. 

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