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The Made in Great Britain website is here to help you find UK made alternative products. Let us point you in the right direction so you can be confident in your British made purchases, and help support our great makers and manufacturers.

Getting started is easy. Just click on our British Business Directory below. This will lead you to categories of products that are made in Britain, such as clothing, furniture, tools, garden equipment and toys among others.

There is also a British  manufacturers directory which can be used to help find a manufacturers for a new project or business venture.

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British Luxury Clothing
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British made Underwear
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Luxury Leather Bags and Satchels
Activewear Made in UK
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Retro Football Made in Britain
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Luxury British Mattresses
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Luxury British Brands

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Now more than ever the British economy needs you support!  And you can help businesses who make in the UK to get back on their feet after the pandemic. Use the Made in Great Britain website to find British made products, to search and buy UK made whenever you can. Because there are some great businesses and British artisans and craftspeople that need your support.

Maybe search for a British crafted wardrobe, or some luxury British made clothing to fill it with. And by using or British Directory, you’ll find great products from some of our finest makers, artisans and manufacturers in the UK.

Find more categories of garments and products made in Britain, by visiting the British Business Directory. Because it contains everything from true British luxury clothing brands to home improvement products, tools, furniture, UK Staycations and Camping and outdoor gear.

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