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Best British Luxury Brands

From the upper echelons of fashion to exquisite watches, gifts and hampers, we celebrate the best of British luxury brands. Welcome to a world of British elegance and opulence. In a time when luxury and sustainability are not only desirable but essential, our curated selection unveils the best of both worlds. This collection showcases iconic, high-end UK luxury brands renowned for their dedication to quality and tradition. While you may already know some brand names, others might pleasantly surprise you. Discover the sophistication of the perfect luxury gift that reflects your commitment to British craftsmanship. Now you can explore this treasury of the finest UK luxury brands.

Mackintosh Luxury Coats

Mackintosh, a luxury brand for coats and jackets, designs, manufactures, and stitches its products in their Scottish factory. Established in 1823, the company boasts nearly two centuries of legacy. Initially renowned for its revolutionary rubberized fabric, Mackintosh has transformed into an iconic luxury outerwear brand, embodying craftsmanship and timeless style. Presently, the brand maintains its dedication to quality and tradition, solidifying Mackintosh as the discerning choice for those seeking enduring elegance in outerwear.

Bremont Luxury Watch Brand

Bremont, a British luxury watch brand, stands at the forefront of horological excellence. Their limited edition “Longitude” watch range is a testament to precision and UK craftsmanship. Each timepiece is hand-built in the UK, marking a renaissance in British watchmaking. The Longitude collection, with its distinctive blend of heritage and innovation, encapsulates the spirit of exploration and discovery. These exquisite watches, crafted on British shores, pay homage to the legacy of marine timekeeping and evoke a sense of adventure with every tick. Made in Britain, it’s the perfect gift of luxury for yourself or loved one.

Luxury British Shoe Brand

Joseph Cheaney & Sons, a pinnacle of English luxury shoemaking, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1886. This high-end English shoe brand embodies the timeless fusion of tradition and innovation. Crafting exquisite footwear for both men and women, Cheaney’s legacy resonates through every stitch and sole. They dedicate themselves to using the finest leather and time-honoured techniques. This results in shoes that exude quality and style. Each pair reflects a heritage of craftsmanship spanning generations. Whether it’s the classic Oxford or a contemporary women’s boot. Joseph Cheaney & Sons ensures that English shoemaking remains synonymous with luxury and enduring elegance.

Limited edition Original Wall Art

Elevate your space with our original limited edition wall art, proudly Made in Britain. These quality prints feature iconic London and UK themes, British wildlife, and landscapes, each conveying a unique expression of British culture. Limited to just 100 prints, this collection ensures exclusivity. Own a piece of art that tells a story, capturing the essence of British heritage. Crafted with care, these prints promise to elevate your wall space, offering a touch of sophistication and individuality to your surroundings. Cherish the beauty of limited edition art and make a statement with our carefully curated collection.

Luxury British Furniture Brand

Darlings of Chelsea, a luxury, high-end brand for sofas and furniture, has a rich history and is committed to quality manufacturing in the UK. Since its inception, the brand has crafted exquisite pieces to meet the growing demand for high-end furnishings. Emphasizing British craftsmanship, Darlings of Chelsea ensures meticulous UK-based production for each sofa and furniture item, providing customers with both timeless design and superior craftsmanship for their homes.

Luxury Lighting made in Britain

The Soho Lighting Company create beautiful, luxurious hand-crafted lights, switches and accessories for the home and garden in their UK studio, using the finest sourced materials from around the world. Kit out your new home with stylish British-made lights, bulbs and lighting.

Luxury Bags and Lifestyle - Made in England

Hyde and Hare are a British-born brand that make all their luxury handbags, bags and accessories in England. They have a great collection of cowhide bags for women in a range of colours and styles. All the materials are ethically sourced and the quality of the hand made Hyde and Hare products is unrivalled.

Luxury British Board games

alexandra llewellyn luxury backgammon board game

Top British luxury brand Alexandra Llewellyn – Luxury board games designer which are beautifully hand crafted with intricate detail. They work with around 20 workshops and expert artisans around the UK. Alexandra’s games are instantly recognisable and include stunning artistry and detail. From bespoke backgammon boards both full size and travel, playing cards, poker tables and other games furniture. Alexandra Llewellyn’s clients include international figures and royalty.

Luxury British Textile Brand

araminta campbell knitwear shawls throws and cushions

Araminta Campbell’s weaving workshop, complete with two vintage floor looms is located in an old shipping building in Edinburgh. A small team of makers and designers work in the studio, and share a passion for Scottish textiles. And so helping to keep the Scottish weaving heritage alive. The luxurious signature collection is hand woven using British Alpaca wool. Every piece is one of a kind and can take between 3 days and 3 weeks to complete. Araminta and her weavers have years of knowledge and skills. This helps them create quality British made shawls, scarves, throws, blankets and luxurious interior products.

Luxurious British Jewellery Collection

asprey countryside British designed jewellery

Luxury British Brand, Asprey was founded in 1781 and awarded a royal warrant by Queen Victoria. Currently Asprey holds a Royal Warrant from HRH Prince of Wales for jewellery and silver making. Asprey’s Master jewellers use the finest and rarest precious stones. Every Asprey piece is crafted by hand in Bond Street London. This includes bridal jewellery and collections such as Daisy, Woodland, Sunflower and other high end jewellery pieces. Asprey’s luxury leather goods are recognised for their unique style, unsurpassed quality and innovative design. Every piece is created using the finest materials, and are expertly applied using traditional techniques.

Luxury Biscuiteer Brand

biscuiteers luxury hand iced biscuit tins

Biscuiteers, is the original hand-iced British biscuit company. You can shop from a delightful collection of their delicious hand iced biscuit gifts & more. They deliver worldwide and have hand iced gifts for every occasion. Made the old fashioned way, so they remain unique, every biscuit is hand iced in London.

woman holdong hand over her eye wearing several pieces of boodles fine British made jewellery

Boodles proudly designs all its jewellery in-house and every piece is made in its workshops in Liverpool. Their high end jewellery designs are made by skilled craftsmen in the heart of London. The 200-year-old family-run firm

chapel down england's leading wine producer glasses filled with wine and bottle pouring

Situated in the heart of the garden of England, Kent, Chapel Down award winning wine is truly a glass above! Chapel Down is located in the beautiful Kent countryside, close to the picturesque market town of Tenterden, and is open to visitors throughout the year. They are England’s leading winemaker and one of the UK’s most exciting drinks companies. Chapel Down produce a range of world-class, award-winning sparkling and still wines along with stunning gins and vodka. Chapel Down sparkling wines are some of the best in the World and are all created from fruit grown in the South-East of England.

Chivas Brothers Luxury Scotch Whiskey

chivas regal bottle of scotch whisky with presentation box, best british luxury brands

Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky business of Pernod Ricard. Their award-winning portfolio features some of the world’s most famous Scottish whisky brands, including Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury whisky. A leading employer they are headquartered in Scotland, with more than 1600 employees across 29 sites. Stretching from Orkney to Plymouth they own 13 malt distilleries, a grain distillery, two gin distilleries and two bottling facilities. Chivas also have 300 bonded warehouses containing an extensive aged inventory of more than six million casks.

Church's Luxury Footwear

church's luxury leather handbags in boot of a vintage luxury car, british luxury brands

Church’s are a famous British shoe brand that make in the heart of the shoemaking country, Northampton, England. For over 200 years, Church’s shoes have been considered some of the finest around. Creating stunning quality, English luxury footwear, the brand creates for both men and women. The Church’s brand is world-wide known and they sell their shoes and luxury leather goods in many countries.. If you are looking to get kitted out in a truly British style, be sure to accessorise with their bags, wallets and belts.

cole and son luxury interior wall coverings and wall paper for palaces and expensive homes

Luxury UK brand, Cole and Son has been creating exceptional wallpaper and coverings since 1875. With a commitment and passion for design excellence, the Cole & Son studio continues to produce innovative and beautiful wallpapers. Their current collections reflect a long and distinguished history as well as a continuing passion for artistic design and quality craftsmanship.

UK Luxury Cloth Merchants

dudale brothers fine cloth for manufacturers

Dugdale Bros & Co are a well-known brand of cloth merchants set in the centre of Yorkshire. They dispatch fine cloth world-wide from a historic headquarters in Huddersfield. Fiercely independent and proudly British their mission has not changed in 124 years. Dugdale Brothers approach everything with pride, passion and with integrity. All the Dugdale brothers woollen cloth is sourced ethically and produced in the UK.

Edward Green Luxury Footwear Brand

edwrad green luxury englaish brand shoes on display

Edward Green established his shoemaking workshop in Northampton in 1890. As the brand became more well-known the name Edward Green soon became synonymous with the finest English Goodyear welted footwear. Cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers, each pair of Edward Greens is made in their Northampton workshop. They use the same principles that have guided them for over a century. Crafted and honed with unerring attention to detail Edward Green shoes embody the timeless elegance of quintessentially English style.

ettinger luxury wallets, man in luxury jacket sitting at table drinking tea with ettinger wallet

Ettinger’s 80 years and more of luxury leather manufacturing experience in the UK is shown in their impeccable craftsmanship. From the refined attention to detail, to the unique types of leathers and colours used. Combined, these luxury leather wallets are a masterpiece of British design, and all were created in their factory in Walsall. Ettinger wallets are perfect gifts for any man. A gift that they will truly come to love as the leather ages over time to create a beautiful patina. You can also have it personalised with initials of up to 5 letters using a blind, silver or gold emboss. True British luxury!

Michelin Star Caviar

exmoor caviar made in england

Exmoor Caviar can be found on the menus of over 80 Michelin Stars in the UK. Sustainability and quality are top of the core values of this famous English brand. Exmoor Caviar also supplies sturgeon meat, both fresh and smoked alongside their caviar. This means that no part of the precious fish is wasted. Exmoor Caviar really is a luxurious British delicacy that is not only rare and exquisite, but also natural and sustainable. Please note, only caviar made in Devon will have ‘Made in England’ as part of the Exmoor Caviar logo.

floris perfume madein england, floris perfume bottles on a shelf in study

Made in Britain, using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world.

Explore Floris fragrances, a tradition passed down through 9 generations, revealing meticulous artistry. The Floris perfumery team crafts all their fragrances at 89 Jermyn Street in the UK, carefully measuring essences in imperial fluid drams and ounces. They employ antique glassware, used by their ancestors for nearly 300 years, showcasing a commitment to heritage preservation. The result is an exquisite range of fragrances that converge skill, tradition, and attention to detail, epitomising Floris’ dedication to crafting timeless scents with a nod to the past and a vision for the future.

Farrow and Ball

farrow and ball luxury paints, made in great britain

Founded in Dorset in 1946, the well-known British brand Farrow and Ball supplied paints to entities like Raleigh, The Admiralty, and the War Office. In the 1960s, the company relocated to its current site near Wimborne, where it has continuously crafted paint and wallpaper. Farrow and Ball employ high-quality ingredients and artisanal methods, elevating their products beyond simple paint and paper. Their commitment to eco-friendly formulas and sustainable practices reflects their dedication to creating items that exceed conventional standards, positioning Farrow and Ball as a symbol of quality, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility in the realm of paints and wallpapers.

Gordon Macphail

gordon and macphail fine scotch whiskey, made in scotland

Gordon Macphail were established as a grocery business in 1895 in the heart of Scotland’s Speyside. On the 3rd of February 1940, 15 First Fill Sherry Butts were filled at Glenlivet and left to mature in warehouse number 6 at the distillery. A selection of these casks were left to quietly slumber in their warehouses. These eventually went on to make history as the oldest single malt Scotch whiskies in the world. The company celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2020 and marked the occasion by releasing four rarely seen whiskies. Exceptionally scarce, each whisky was taken from the last cask of each make held in Gordon & MacPhail’s famous warehouse in Elgin.

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