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Are you looking to find a British manufacturer for your new business or project? Maybe you are a UK manufacturer and are looking to list  business in our UK and British Manufacturers Directory. Either way Made in Great Britain is here to help. You can browse the categories below of various manufacturers that make in the UK. By clicking on the links this will take you direct to their website where you can make contact for any manufacturing enquiries such as minimum orders etc. 

If you would like to feature in our popular UK Manufacturers Directory and reach out to a wider audience, you can contact with your business details and which manufacturing category you would be interested in appearing in. You can also view our Business Subscription prices here

UK Manufacturers

British Manufacturers Directory – Clothing Manufacturers and Textile Manufacturers in the UK.

F.Chand & Co – UK clothing manufacturers of outerwear clothes producing 2500 a week and providing premium label clothing for some of the world’s largest companies. Orders accepted for as low as 300 units per style. 

The Pattern Room – Pattern cutting and sampling studio including CAD drawings and Tech packs. Working on all types of clothing for Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear and soft accessories. 

Xpose Ltd – One of the UK’s largest manufacturers of knitted accessories with a capacity of 15,000 units per week. Supporting the UK textile industry they provide for high street retailers, new start up businesses, clubs, organisations and independent and luxury brands. 

Hall UK Manufacturing Ltd – Offer a full CMT service for as little as 50 units per style with regards to Ladies, Men’s and Children’s clothing. 

Start Suppliers – Knitwear and UK clothing manufacturers. MOQ of 100 units per design. They can produce products according to your sketched design and offer private labels for you products if required. 

Tracy Adams Ltd are a family run business and one of the leading UK textile manufacturers. With some of the finest quality you will find anywhere, their machinists, sewers and cutters have produced for Premiership footballers to Celebrity TV Chefs. 

British Manufacturers Directory – Paper and Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers in the UK.

ABC Packaging – One of the UK’s leading cardboard box manufacturers, ABC Design and manufacture the perfect bespoke and custom packaging to suit your needs. Everything from vacuum inserts to folded boxes. 

JP DesignPlus – Leading UK manufacturers of the design, manufacture, filling of specialist bespoke bottles, sachets and tubes. Offering private label and own brand full manufacturing for the health and beauty industry. 

MillVale Ltd – UK Carton manufacturers and quality printers of packaging including, sleeves, boxes, cards and pillow packs. 

AnswerPak – UK packaging supplier with design and manufacturing capabilities. From corrugated cases to foam lined cartons and palletised containers. They also offer air packed bubbles and space pack. 

Uk Manufacturers

British Business Directory – UK Manufacturers of shop fittings, signage and display units.

JC Metalworks – UK’s leading precision manufacturers of multi-unit, bespoke metal retail shop fittings and shop racking for display.  Shop shelving and shop fixtures for visual merchandising for some of the worlds top retailers and brands including M&S and Miss Selfridge. 

Find British Manufacturers of Electrical components, transformers, batteries and more. 

Express Transformers – UK manufacturer of custom transformers and the leading makers of auto transformers and three phase custom transformers. Offering quality manufacturing, transformer expertise and wound components such as resisters, inductors and magnetic coils. 

IDE Systems – Recognised for their sales, rental, design and manufacturing of fixed and temporary power distribution solutions for events, venues, construction sites.

Great British Manufacturing

Find British and UK Manufacturers of abrasives for industry, specialist trade and commercial sectors. 

Search for British Manufacturers of Car Components and specialists in Automotive parts.  

Find  Aerospace Manufacturers and specialists in design and development of Aerospace industrial equipment.

Search for UK Manufacturers of bearings, for various sectors. Advertise your business on this page. 

Search British and UK Manufacturers badges, photo ID and security passes. 

Browse British Manufacturers Brushes of all types.  

Look through British and UK cosmetic, skincare and make-up manufacturers

Search for British Manufacturers gifts and giftware such as stationary, ceramics, and screen printing. 

Find Manufacturers in the UK specialising in Precision Engineering and components. 

HV WoodingOver 50 years experience and a leading UK supplier of sub-contract manufacturing wire erosion, motor lamination, electroplating. Specialists in laser cutting, presswork and tooling, busbar manufacture. They have a flexible short lead time service. 

Search UK Manufacturers providing plant & machinery, manufacturing and process services. 

Featured British and UK Manufacturers

ct1, sealant, made in great britain, manufacturers in uk

The CT1 sealant and all in one construction adhesive will replace numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognised as being the ultimate development in bonding and sealing. CT1 offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material,  including lead, glass, wood and polystyrene, without the need for additional fixings.

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Quality British Clothing Production

UK Clothing Manufacturers, with a team of highly experienced textile business people specialising in all aspects of clothing manufacture and retail supply. Areas of expertise are; trend direction and design, product development and approval, technical manufacturing methodology and global raw material sourcing. We can ethically supply on a CMT basis. 

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Bespoke Acrylic Retail Displays

Specialists in Bespoke Acrylic 40 years experience. Experts in Retail Displays POS Branding Blocks CNC Machining Printing Design Service Perspex® Approved. Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Bespoke Acrylic Display Solutions, Retail and Visual Merchandising Display Equipment and developing concepts into reality.

British Manufacturers

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Paper Stationary Manufacturers

World class British Manufacturers of paper stationary products since 1837. Creators and makers of Silvine, Silvine originals and Artgecko Sketchbooks brands; not to mention private label stationery products. Their customer-focused product development mad market leading service levels make us a trusted and reliable partner for any project. 

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Metal Components Manufacturers

Arjan can manufacture anything and everything in precision machined parts, as per the customer requirements and imaginations. Their wide range capabilities execute economical and high quality precision machined metal components in any volume. They also provide drilling, tapping, threading, slotting, broaching, light milling and de-burring services. 

vixen electronics, vems, british technology
Smart Monitoring System

If you are of a certain age and live on your own, have you considered what would happen if you have a fall or faint and are unable to call for help?

VEMS like your house insurance policy, is something you hope you will never need to use but having it gives you great peace of mind.


A smart monitoring system that notices movement, and measures temperature and humidity

It is made of one or more small sensor units (9cm x 9cm x 4.5cm) and a large, clever engine in the cloud



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