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Search the British Manufacturers Directory and find a British Manufacturer for your next project.  If you are a British or UK manufacturer and would like to feature as a listing in our manufacturers directory, click on the button below.  Your company can appear in multiple categories that fit your business. 

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ct1, sealant, made in great britain, manufacturers in uk

The CT1 sealant and all in one construction adhesive will replace numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognised as being the ultimate development in bonding and sealing. CT1 offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material,  including lead, glass, wood and polystyrene, without the need for additional fixings.

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Quality British Clothing Production

UK Clothing Manufacturers, with a team of highly experienced textile business people specialising in all aspects of clothing manufacture and retail supply. Areas of expertise are; trend direction and design, product development and approval, technical manufacturing methodology and global raw material sourcing. We can ethically supply on a CMT basis. 

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Bespoke Acrylic Retail Displays

Specialists in Bespoke Acrylic 40 years experience. Experts in Retail Displays POS Branding Blocks CNC Machining Printing Design Service Perspex® Approved. Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Bespoke Acrylic Display Solutions, Retail and Visual Merchandising Display Equipment and developing concepts into reality.

British Manufacturers

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Paper Stationary Manufacturers

World class British Manufacturers of paper stationary products since 1837. Creators and makers of Silvine, Silvine originals and Artgecko Sketchbooks brands; not to mention private label stationery products. our customer-focused product development mad market leading service levels make us a trusted and reliable partner for any project. 

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Metal Components Manufacturers

We can manufacture anything and everything in precision machined parts, as per the customer requirements and imaginations. Our wide range capabilities execute economical and high quality prcision machined metal components in any volume. We also provide drilling, tapping, threading, slotting, broaching, light milling and de-burring services. 

british manufacturers directory adtech innovations in fluoroplastics logo
British Fluoroplastic Solutions

We stock and are manufacturers of high performance plastic products, mainly Fluoropolymers. The main backbone of our business id fluoroplastic tube production, of which we claim to have the widest ex-stock range in Europe. We also convert this into products such as heat shrinkable tubing, probes, custom assemblies etc. 

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