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It's important to find the right British manufacturer for your new clothing line or business venture. Take a look at our carefully curated list and get ahead of the competition.

Choosing the ideal UK clothes manufacturer holds paramount importance for any new business venture. A suitable manufacturer guarantees quality products, on-time deliveries, and cost-efficiency. Collaborating with a reputable manufacturer enables businesses to uphold consistency in their product line and cultivate a robust brand image. Furthermore, partnering with a local manufacturer fosters smoother communication and swifter issue resolution. This promotes sustainability by cutting transportation-related carbon emissions. Therefore, identifying the right UK clothes manufacturer is important for success in the fashion sector.

UK Clothing Manufacturers

Garment Manufacturers UK

Fashion Works London

Fashionworks London provides startups with UK-based clothing manufacturing and project management services. They excel in pattern cutting, fabric sourcing, sampling, and UK garment manufacturing. Specialising in interpreting fashion design sketches for menswear and womenswear, they offer expert design services and tech packs. The company actively supports startups throughout their journey in the fashion industry. This ensures high-quality results and effective project execution.

Top UK Clothing Manufacturer


Hawthorn, one of the UK’s top clothing manufacturers, produces garments of the highest quality. They offer a complete manufacturing solution, proudly supporting fashion startups, small clothing brands, SMEs, and emerging designers. Hawthorn boasts the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) in the UK for fully custom clothing. Additionally, they hand-cut, stitch, and finish all garments, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Aim to respond within 24 hours.


8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

020 3633 3846

UK Garment Manufacture

Pavash Ltd

As a leading UK clothing manufacturer, Pavash Ltd crafts and supply various ranges of premium quality clothing. This includes womenswear, menswear, workwear, and children’s clothing. With ample storage space for fabrics and trimmings, they manufacture all garments on-site in the UK. They actively engage with customers from initial designs and concepts through to production. This ensures a seamless process and delivering top-quality results.

0121 551 5421

British Clothes Manufacturer


Providing a wide range of garments for uniforms and workwear, offering embroidery and print options along with friendly, personalised service. They emphasise keeping garment manufacturing in Britain and supply branded workwear, uniforms, and promotional clothing to companies across the UK. Additionally, Cottonfrog collaborates with British fashion designers, assisting in the cut, make, and trim of their designs. you can trust Cottonfrog for all your clothing manufacturing needs, delivering quality and care with every order.


Aim to respond within 24 hours.


8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

020 3633 3846

High_End UK Clothes Manufacture

The Sampling Unit

The Sampling Unit Ltd, a premier UK clothing manufacturer of high-end ladies’ and men’s apparel serves fashion designers and boutique stores. They specialise in creating garment samples from your sketches or design ideas. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion design and clothing industries, they operate as a high-end, UK garment manufacturer in London. Trust The Sampling Unit for expertly crafted garments that meet your exact specifications and standards.

Tel: 020 8800 0911

Start-Up Clothes Manufacturer UK

Grade House Ltd

Grade House design experts possess expertise in various styles, fabrics, and UK manufacturing techniques, ready to transform your design aspirations into tangible and market-ready pieces. Their wide range of services covers the fashion development industry, from startups to producing entire clothing lines. They take pride in their commitment to UK-Based garment Manufacturing, ensuring that your designs come to life with the highest standards of British craftsmanship and ethical production practices.


UK Manufacturers of Apparel

Musa Apparel

Musa Apparel, a UK clothing manufacturer, prides itself on its products. Despite industry changes, they maintain a keen focus on detail, product quality, and customer care. Their services are highly flexible, with low minimums and short lead times, allowing for collaboration on orders of any size. This approach ensures customer satisfaction, whether the orders are large or small.

07960660661 / 07545576600

Bespoke Clothes Manufacturer UK

Oh-Sew-Whitty Ltd

A UK-based clothing manufacturer and consultant specialising in bespoke collections, handling everything from design to alterations. They cater to purpose-driven brands, offering a range of services. This includes fabric and trim sourcing, design and development, pattern making, grading, consultation meetings, flat sketches, and templates. Their expertise spans all aspects of garment production, ensuring quality and client satisfaction.

UK Garment Manufacturers For Start-Ups

Ivyi Rose

UK garment manufacturers, Ivyi Rose specialises in concept design, pattern making/grading, and production services. They deliver fully customised clothing with no minimum orders. Whether you’re a startup or an established fashion brand, Ivyi Rose tailors ethical solutions to your needs. Their flexible bespoke service offers varying levels of assistance. With a minimum requirement of just 50 garments per style, they ensure top quality across women’s wear, sportswear, pet clothing, and outerwear production.

Small Business Clothes Manufacturer UK

Studio Sew.N

Studio Sew.n provides a UK manufacturing service for smaller businesses looking to expand easily without the need for new premises or staff hiring. Specialising in product design/development and cut & sew contracting, they offer production with zero minimum order quantities. Proudly operating from their Gloucester-based studio, they construct your goods on British soil, ensuring quality and support for local businesses.

CMT Manufacturing UK

Diamond Styles

Diamond Styles, a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience. They offer a full CMT manufacturing service from small capsule collections to bulk production. The MOQ is 50 units per size and style, with a capacity of 2,000 units per week. They work with various materials, including super stretch fabrics, knits, jerseys, neoprene, synthetics, denim, cord, and linen. Their manufacturing in Britain extends to animal and dog accessories and bedding.

Tel: 0116 2745776

Mob: 07703 441 761


British Textile Manufacturers

RA Smart

Based in Macclesfield, R A Smart has a rich heritage in printed textiles and is among the few remaining British bespoke textile manufacturers. They offer a variety of traditional and modern textile services in-house. Since the late 1990s, they’ve led Digital Textile Printing technology, establishing expertise in supplying and supporting dedicated textile digital print solutions, solidifying their position as industry leaders.


01625 576232

Start-Up UK Clothes Manufacturer


UK clothes manufacturer, Xpose Limited, based in Manchester, England, specialises in knitted accessories like beanies, scarves, and gloves. They offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs), short lead times, and operate an ethically audited factory. Xpose collaborates with various wholesale knitwear suppliers, serving established brands and startups across the UK, from London to Edinburgh. They also cater to international businesses, supplying a wide range of services to some of the UK’s largest brands, online shops, and retail stores.

(+44) 0161 832 3408

Clothing Manufacturers In London

Sew it in London

Sew It in London, a UK manufacturer, provides sustainable, professional, premium, and luxury fashion services. They specialise in apparel design, product development, and small to medium productions of high-quality garments made in Britain. Sew It In London offer CMT (cut, make, trim) services, toiles/fittings, sampling, pattern cutting, grading, lay planning & cutting, and tech packs.

Tel: 0203 477 3205 / 07956356484
Fashion Production enquires: Email:

Debunking Common Myths of UK Clothes Manufacturing

Clothing manufacturing in the UK has long battled various misconceptions about its viability and ethics. Let’s debunk some of the most common myths.

No British Garment Manufacturers Exist

Contrary to belief, numerous British garment manufacturers operate today. Recent data suggests approximately 4,000 such businesses across the UK, varying in scale.

Consumers Don’t Care Where Their Clothes Are Made

Research indicates otherwise. A Fashion Revolution survey found that 87% of consumers prioritise ethically made clothing, highlighting a growing concern for transparent manufacturing practices.

UK Manufacturing Is Expensive

While labour costs may be higher, local manufacturing offers savings in transport, lead times, and emissions. Tech advancements also enhance efficiency and reduce labour expenses, making UK clothes manufacturing competitive.

UK Production Is Unethical

Despite concerns, UK garment manufacturers adhere to strict labour laws, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. They also comply with environmental standards, minimising their eco-footprint and promoting sustainability.

In conclusion, dispelling these myths is crucial for understanding the realities of UK clothes manufacturing. Despite challenges, the industry remains vibrant, offering opportunities for ethical, sustainable, and transparent production. Supporting local manufacturers and prioritising ethical considerations can reshape the narrative, fostering a more responsible fashion industry.

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