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Take a look at some of the best British Toys and Kids toys and games that are still made in Britain. Whether it is a birthday or Christmas present you need for your little ones, there are still some Great British made, away from the electronics side. From model kits to soft toys and games and puzzles, try to support our UK makers where you can.

Great British Toy Makers

Merrythought have been crafting traditional Teddy Bears in England since 1930. Explore their timeless collection, each one hand made using natural materials. A Merrythought Teddy Bear is a companion for life!

UK Children’s Toys and Games – Orchard are a leading UK manufacturer of children’s educational games and puzzles. They are proud of their British roots and still design and pack all their own products in Norfolk. Orchard want to create a good balance of learning and fun with their games and jigsaw puzzles. You can shop from their range of maths, spelling and shapes games, books and puzzles here.

British made Toys

Dr Zigs – Make giant bubbles with one of DR Zigs giant bubble kits. Choose from starter kits, perfect for stocking fillers to super kits for the bubble making enthusiast. All Dr Zigs bubble kits are made in Britain. Take a look at their range here. Perfect for the kids at Christmas or Birthday Parties.

British made ToysPlaypress create eco friendly toys and play sets with themes such as farms, space stations, construction, doctors and police. Playpress use no plastic, and everything they make is biodegradable and fully recyclable.

Airfix Quick Build – Great British brand Airfix have been many a childs hobby for generations. Although much of their product is now made abroad, the Airfix Quick Build range is fully made in Newhave, East Sussex. With a great selection, maybe they might a some point bring back all their production to the UK. Make sure it is a Quickbuild before buying. Check out the Airfix Quickbuild store on Amazon UK here.

British Toy Brands & Makers

Big Ted Teddies are Made in England. Huge giant teddies that will be comfort for your child, grandchild or even an adult that just needs to feel the love. These cuddly, adorable teddies will be treasured for life and just knowing that it is fully made in the Uk is even more of a comfort. Check out their huge selection here.

UK Children’s Toys – All Ridge Plastic Skateboards are made in the UK. Their wooden board range is assembled in Britain. Their mini cruisers start at £50 to £55 with light up LED wheels. Large cruisers are £55 and they all come with excellent customer reviews. Find a selection here on Amazon.

UK Kids Toys Brand – The Vintage Model Company are the UK’s largest manufacturers of Balsa Aircraft. With over 200 unique kits available, they are committed to developing the very best flying models around. As well as free flying and traditional modelling, they also have a small range of Radio Controlled models. All their kits require the use of glue, pins and craft knives, and so are advised as suitable for 14+ years.

British Toys and Games for Children

Children’s Toys UK – Dolls Hose Direct sell everything for Dolls Houses, from the houses themselves to everything you need to put yours together and all the furniture you’d need to kit-it-out. They specialise in the manufacture of over 20 different types of dolls houses.

British Toys – Viking Toy makers create handcrafted Viking toys for kids from natural materials such as leather and wood. Their reputation is well know and respected by the Viking community and are members of the British Toymakers Guild.

Children's Toys UK

UK Toys Brand – Picture to Puppet create beautifully crafted puppets and soft toys, made to order, by hand, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Picture to Puppet can bring your child’s drawing to life with a custom made puppet or soft toy. They also have a soft toy hospital for all types of repairs.

Children’s Toys UK – Crafty Ponies are made from luxurious plus fabric and come with a realistic miniature leatherette saddle and bridal. They are designed with attention to detail making them look so realistic. The mains and tails are made from cotton so children can learn to plait.

British made Toys – Canterbury Bears are all handmade in a small village just outside Canterbury in Kent. The joints are made using a traditional Victorian press using sustainable English wood. They also use English blown glass for the eyes.

British Toys and Games

UK Children’s Toys – British brand Teddo combine learning and fun with their range of high quality, play based, educational learning cards for children of all ages and abilities. Their ultra thick learning cards contain real life imagery in natural surroundings with easily absorbable information to help encourage conversations.

UK Kids Toys Brands

The Little Toy Dog Company hand make collectable toys, which are designed and sewn by Alice Wood in her south London studio. Using traditional toy-making processes Alice creates unique characterful toy dogs from beautiful mohair fur fabrics.

UK Children’s Toys – Northern Softplay manufacture all their own Softplay at their premises in Ossett, West Yorkshire. They can also make custom made soft play products. Their range includes number mats and picture tiles as well as abacuses.

UK made toys

The UK’s largest subscription magazine for kids. Every month Storytime is packed full of great stories for boys and girls. Help improve your child’s literacy and give them something great tales to keep going back to. Printed on high quality paper and has no adverts or plastic toys.

British Toys – Stablemates create wooden toys and games of the highest quality which will last for years. Hand made in Suffolk, they can also personalise your Hobby Pony with a name and specific colour harness. They also have a range of quality Rocking Horses. Many items can be despatched within 2 days.

Shop for all things British made this Christmas 2022 below. Browse our directory of UK made clothes, shoes, home and furniture, audio, and gifts of all types for the whole family.

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