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Welcome to the British Christmas Gift Shop 2021. A place to find and support British made this festive season.  

Many UK businesses will struggle this Christmas. Businesses are still trying to recover from a world pandemic and so we really need to keep the money in Britain when we can.  Think how much you normally spend on your Christmas shop, Christmas gifts and presents for family and friends. And then think how much of that goes to either overseas countries or large companies such Amazon, eBay and the like, who buy many of their products from China. 

So if every adult in the UK this Christmas spent just £20 on a British or UK made gift this Christmas, we could generate around £1 billion in sales on British made products. We realise you can’t buy all everything you might want to purchase and make it British made, such as iPads, Mobile Phones, etc. But you can still find many items such as Clothing, Beauty products, Toys and Games, Food and Drink, Bicycles, Jewellery, and personalised gifts and cards. 

This page features just a selection, to give you ideas. Also be sure to do your own research and many websites now have live chat, where you can ask directly where a product is made. Please take a look at some of the Christmas gifts and presents made in the UK on here. You can also help by sharing this page so others can shop for British made Christmas gifts too. 

Great British Christmas gift ideas

christmas market shopping made in great britain keyboard and gifts
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Christmas Gift Shop UK

quick buy christmas market made in great britain gifts ideas
Quick Buy Gift Ideas
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British made gifts and jewellery
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Beauty and Skincare Gifts

British Christmas Shopping Gift Ideas

Dr marten solovair stly burgundy boot
British made Shoes
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UK Made Adult Toys
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Bags Made in Britain