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UK Vendor Marketplace For British Artisans and Sellers!

Introducing B.A.M – the British Artisans and Sellers UK marketplace for vendors platform. Coming soon, this innovative online marketplace will provide a dedicated space for artisans and makers of handmade and crafted products to showcase and sell online their creations.

B.A.M aims to create a hub where talented artisans and makers from all corners of the UK can come together, connect, and reach a targeted audience. Whether you specialise in jewellery, home decor, clothing, ceramics, leather goods, or any other uniquely crafted item. B.A.M will be the ideal vendor platform to showcase your talents and effectively reach a community of individuals actively seeking British-made products.

For those passionate about supporting local artisans and makers, B.A.M will be a go-to destination. Here, you’ll be able to discover a wide range of handmade products and directly support the British artisan community across the UK.

Additionally, B.A.M warmly welcomes individuals who want to sell British and UK-made products online from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business, the platform will provide the necessary tools, support, and resources to effectively showcase and sell your products to a wider audience.

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British Artisan Marketplace UK

Calling all artisans and makers! We invite you to register your interest in the new B.A.M – British Artisans and Sellers marketplace platform. You can be among the first to start selling your handmade, crafted or second-hand British products.

By joining B.A.M, you’ll have the opportunity to reach our dedicated followers. You’ll be able to benefit from our prominent presence on page one of Google for thousands of British and UK-made search terms. This means increased visibility and the potential to significantly grow your business.

We also extend our invitation to budding entrepreneurs who are eager to start selling their items. B.A.M provides the perfect platform to showcase your creativity and launch your business to a targeted audience actively seeking British-made products.

Furthermore, if you have a collection of British-made items that you want to earn extra cash from, B.A.M offers a great opportunity. Whether it’s clothing, jewellery, or vintage British household items. Why not give these products a new home and contribute to the sustainability of British and UK-made goods?

Register your interest using the form below and be part of the B.A.M community. Join artisans, makers, and sellers and come together to celebrate British craftsmanship.

On a separate note, if you are looking to sell vegan and cruelty-free products, you can find the Veganaire Vendors Marketplace here.

BAM Sellers MarketplaceRegister your interest in selling on BAM marketplace

Register your interest in the BAM sellers Marketplace and be the first to know when it launches!

Reasons to register with BAM Sellers Vendor Marketplace

British Artisans and makers

Registering to sell with BAM opens up a gateway to customers who are actively seeking to support local British businesses and artisans. Many people now are specifically looking to buy British and UK-made items.

Whether you’re an established business aiming to increase your customer base or an individual looking to start a new venture. Earn extra cash! With BAM, you can sell both new and pre-loved British and UK-made items, catering to a growing market of conscious buyers.

One of the key benefits of joining BAM is the exposure you’ll receive. Made in Great Britain already attracts thousands of unique visitors every week. They are eager to discover new products and support local and UK businesses. By registering to sell on our platform, you’ll have the chance to tap into this engaged audience and showcase your unique creations.

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It's easy to sell with BAM sellers Vendor Marketplace

Earn Money Selling Pre-Loved or Hand-Crafted British Made Items Online

Listing your products on BAM sellers marketplace is a breeze. You have complete control over your product listings, including images, descriptions, and prices. And the best part? It’s free to list your items! You’ll only pay a small commission from the final selling price, ensuring that you keep most of your hard-earned profits.

And now is the perfect time to get on board as an artisan maker or seller with BAM. Be one of the first to start earning on our new platform. Then you can benefit from the dedicated customer base eagerly seeking British and UK-made products.

Join us on BAM Sellers Marketplace and let your creativity flourish. Start earning while supporting local businesses and contributing to the Made in Great Britain movement. Register your interest to sell online with BAM today! Seize the opportunity to make your mark on our exciting new British Artisans and Makers, UK sellers marketplace.

What is an Artisan?

An artisan is a skilled craftsperson who makes special and unique products using traditional methods and tools. They are passionate about their craft and pay close attention to detail in everything they create.

In the UK, there are many talented artisans and makers who specialise in making things by hand. They excel in different areas like making jewellery, pottery, textiles, woodworking, and more.

The popularity of British artisans and makers has been growing. People appreciate the specialness and personal touch that comes with handmade items. These artisans combine old-fashioned skills with modern creativity, often adding local culture and history to their designs.

Support Local British Artisans

You can find a wide range of handmade products all over the UK, such as jewellery, ceramics, textiles, and furniture. Each piece shows the talent and dedication of the artisans and reflects the rich heritage of British craftsmanship.

Supporting local artisans and makers helps keep traditional skills alive and supports local economies. By buying from them, you help preserve traditional crafts and contribute to the community.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift or something unique for your home, exploring the world of British artisans is a rewarding experience. Discover their creations, support local businesses, and appreciate the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

More BAM Marketplace Information


If it’s handmade by yourself in the UK, you can sell any type of legal product that fits into our categories. For example, jewellery, clothing, home decor, books, art, toys, games, beauty and food and drink.

You can also sell any pre-loved or second-hand items that are made in the UK that you no longer want or need. This could be a vintage item of clothing or shoes for example. You need to be able to show that it was made in Britain. So either an original label, box, packaging or brand name that can be proof of British made.

This is a vendors seller marketplace for British artisans, makers and people selling made in UK. So the answer is simple. Whatever you want to sell must have been made in the UK, either hand-made or manufactured.

Also, illegal items such as drugs and weapons are not allowed. Other items prohibited will include CBD, medicines, pornography, cigarettes, vapes and alcohol. For a full list you will be able to view our terms and conditions.

As soon as we have reached our pre-determined number of interested people registered to sell, we will then launch the sellers marketplace. If you register using the form, you will be notified at the same time as all other registrants.

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How to Sell Products Online in The UK?

Selling products online in the UK has become popular. There are platforms called seller marketplaces and vendor marketplaces where you can set up your online store and reach lots of potential customers.

When it comes to selling products online in the UK, you have two options: vendor marketplaces and seller marketplaces. These platforms provide you with the opportunity to set up your virtual store and reach a wide range of potential customers.

In a vendor marketplace, you become a vendor or a supplier offering your products through a larger online marketplace. Examples of popular vendor marketplaces in the UK include Amazon Marketplace and eBay. These platforms allow you to list your products alongside other sellers, giving you access to a large customer base already browsing these websites.

On the other hand, a seller marketplace is a platform that specifically caters to individual sellers. Etsy and Depop are well-known examples of seller marketplaces in the UK. These platforms focus on unique and handmade products, providing a space for creative individuals to showcase their crafts and connect with buyers who appreciate the personal touch.

To make your online selling successful, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right platform: Pick a website where you can sell your stuff.

  2. Decide what to sell: Think about what you’re good at making or what you have to sell. It could be handmade crafts, second-hand items, clothes, accessories, or something else.

  3. Show off your products: Take good pictures of what you’re selling and describe them well.

  4. Price it right: Look at what other people are charging for similar products and set your prices competitively. Consider your costs and fees too.

  5. Be helpful to customers: Answer questions quickly and nicely. Make sure you ship things on time and pack them well. Give people a good experience.

  6. Get the word out: Use social media, emails, and online ads to let people know about your products. Share interesting stories about what you’re selling and make people excited to buy from you.

  7. Make your products special: Tell people why your stuff is unique. Maybe it’s handmade, eco-friendly, or has a vintage charm. Find people who appreciate what you’re selling and show them why it’s special.

When choosing what to sell, consider these popular categories:

  • Handmade crafts: Things like jewellery, artwork, and personalised gifts that are made by hand and are unique.

  • Vintage and collectables: Special old things like vintage clothes, retro home items, or antiques that collectors love.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly products: Stuff made from recycled materials or that are good for the environment.

  • Niche and specialised items: Things for people with specific interests, like special hobbies or unique fashion styles.

Do some research, pay attention to what people want, and adjust your products and marketing as needed. By following these steps and finding the right market for your products, you can have a successful online business in the UK.

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