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Made in England – A name that once adorned many a product and garment shipped across the world. We often might find a Made in Britain or UK label on foods and the occasional item, but for those proud to be of English origin, then there is nothing like owning something bearing the name Made in England. Below are just a few we would like to point you in the direction of. From Handbags to Duffle Coats, Toys to the finest leather goods. Further down the page you can find links to pages featuring Made in UK and Britain brands and products.

Original Wall Art - Made in England

Looking to brighten up your space with some original limited edition art prints? Discover unique, limited edition printed, framed art that’s Made in England. Even the frame itself is English-made. From iconic landmarks to British wildlife and landscape scenes.

English art Prints

London wall art print, London bus on street framed print

London Bus - UK Wall Art Print

Add a touch of London’s charm to your space with our wall art print. It features an iconic London bus on a rainy night, showcasing vibrant colours that bring this scene to life. Not only is this art designed and printed here, the quality wooden frame is also made in England. Capture the energy of the London with this carefully crafted, unique piece, blending iconic imagery with a contemporary feel.

Face of britain

Face of Britain - Art Print

Experience the essence of Britain with our framed original wall art print. This surreal piece showcases a female face pushing through the Union Jack’s flag colours. It provides a unique and artistic interpretation of British identity. Ideal for office or bedroom wall space, this distinctive artwork adds a touch of British flair to any room. Mounted in a Made in England, solid wood frame.

Grenson Made in england Shoes

Grenson have been English shoe manufacturers, based in Northamptonshire and have been continuously making shoes since 1866. If you want a pair of built to last shoes that are Made in England with a label to prove it then you can’t go wrong with Grenson. All their shoes except their moccasin collection are Goodyear welted.

Doc Martens Made in England Collection

Made in England Collection – Dr Martens, A name known throughout the world for their quality boots and shoes. Once fully made in England, they eventually came to the decision it was cheaper to get them made overseas in countries including Thailand. Although still selling millions of pairs each year, they just are not quite the same quality. They do however have a Made in England Dr Martens collection on their website. So if you want to be striding down the street wearing a pair that have been made in their Wollaston factory then head over and grab a pair now! Made using the finest iconic pieces and handcrafted.

Peregrine Clothing - Made in england

Peregrine have been making the finest quality country clothing in England since 1796. From their Manchester based factory they can control everything from design to completion. The quality of clothing by Peregrine is up there with the very best. Manufacturing Mens and Ladies, Outerwear, Accessories, Knitwear and Shirts, if you own a garment made by Peregrine, you can be sure it’s going to last.

Hyde and Hare Bags

Hyde and Hare are a British born brand that make all their luxury handbags, bags and accessories in England. They have a great collection of cowhide bags for women in a range of colours and styles. All the materials are ethically sourced and the quality of the hand made Hyde and Hare products is unrivalled.

Merrythought have been making hand made soft toys, mainly Teddy Bears since 1930. Using premium materials such as mohair, alpaca and other quality silks and cottons, and traditional methods, their jointed Teddy Bears are arguably the finest in the world. They also proudly bear ( pun intended ) a Handmade in England label. And every toy is produced from start to finish in their Famous Ironbridge factory in Shropshire, home of the Industrial Revolution. These beautiful Made in England bears are something you will to pass down for others to enjoy or maybe start a collection.

Each style from Original Montgomery is carefully designed, cut and manufactured by hand – right here in England. This is of course the reason that duffle coats from specialist brands like Original Montgomery fit and feel better than fashion manufacturers. The original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company chosen by the British admiralty in the early 1890`s to make the first duffle coats. You can wear yours with pride, knowing the history and tradition embedded in each one.

Equus - Made in England

Equus Leather produce traditional and beautifully crafted luxury leather goods such as wallets, belts and briefcases. Proudly made in England, their skilled craftsman hand make each item. Hand stitched quality and passion go into every piece. They use leather from English firms and buy buckles for their belts from the last buckle foundry in Britain.

Made in England by Cro Jack

Made in England Clothing – Cro’Jack hand make contemporary high quality stylish men’s clothing. They are proud that their men’s made in England clothing is designed and crafted all under one roof in their workshop. Combining classic British culture with modern British maritime designs and sustainable materials, they produce a range of men’s clothing and accessories, all bearing a hand made in England label.

Drapor Of Glastonbury - Made in England

Draper of Glastonbury slippers, made in england

Draper of Glastonbury produce handmade sheepskin slippers, boots and accessories in Somerset, England and have done since 1937. A family owned business in the South West of England, they are the oldest Sheepskin manufacturer in the UK. They specialise in English design, using luxury natural products of Sheepskin and leather, that provide warmth and comfort and take up to 4 weeks to manufacture. Their immaculately tailored footwear also bear the English made label in their products.

Grenfell - Made in England

Grenfell, a British clothing brand since 1923 which makes its clothing in their London factory and displays the Made in England name. Grenfell’s iconic outerwear, luxury jackets and coats are a truly English brand and produce top levels of performance and quality in all the garments they make. Their quality team ensure that strict checks are made at every level of production an some of their dedicated craftspeople have been with Grenfell for decades. Grenfell are a pillar of the British Garment making industry.

Walter & Herbert - Made in England

Walter and Herbert have been making eyewear for ladies and gentlemen since 1946. Winning awards for their excellence in optics, their beautiful eyewear is designed, made and tested in England. Their attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is what makes their frames so special. With striking colours and smooth contours, Walter and Herbert create frames and sunglasses that exceed British quality expectations, of performance and safety and are a credit to their skilled technicians. The Walter and Herbert Made in England brand benefits from 3 generations of experience.

Morellos Clothing

Morellos Clothing love vintage style clothing and shoes. Mostly they use original patterns from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Their La Riviera Clothing, London, is made in limited quantities. They also offer a range of saddle shoes for womens and vintage inspired shoes for men. These are all Made in England by Terry Smith which is stamped on the inside of the shoe, alongside the Made in England label.

Davida, Open Faced Helmets. Every motorcycle helmet by Davida is made in England in their factory on Merseyside and the entire helmet is handcrafted, with not one machine used in the process of manufacturing. Using the highest quality materials available, davida are proud to be the only remaining manufacturer of open faced motorcycle helmets in Britain. Through their many years of experience, their highly skilled team create helmets with quality padded leather providing superb comfort and a quiet ride. Own a Davida Made in England helmet and you will ride with pride.

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