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Help support the UK economy buy buying a British made alternative product when you can. Take a look at some of the Best of British deals on clothing, beauty products and furniture from some of the finest makers, artisans and manufacturers. Every purchase of a British made item, helps keep many businesses afloat. Remember, it might cost a little extra and we understand that everyone is trying to save more in the current climate. So let’s keep our money in the UK where we can and help out new start-ups, while also helping keep older established British makers and brands trading. 

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Buy British on Amazon

If you like Amazon shopping but also want to buy British made, here are some of the best products available from them that are Made in UK 

Beds, Duvets, Mattresses

British Trainer Brands

With not many to choose from, you can still find a few makes of trainers that are made in the UK. From Norman Walsh, created in Bolton to New Balance ranges crafted in Flimby, England. 

Best of British Shoes, Boots and Footwear

With Northampton still at the heart, here we look at some British brands of shoes and footwear of the highest quality. From boots and shoes for both men and women. 

Best of British Knitwear Brands

Take a look at the Best of British made knitwear, from jumpers and sweatshirts to cardigans and knitted accessories for men and women. 

British Denim Jeans

From skinny fit to classic styles, take a look at some of the Best of British made denim jeans brands. 

Best of British Bags and Luggage

Best of British bags and handbags. A girl’s gotta have a handbag and a Man a Man-Bag. Whether it’s a large shopper or a small clutch, or stylish leather rucksack, we take a look at the best brands that Britain has to offer 

Beers, Lagers and Craft Ales

Made in Great Britain takes a look at some of the finest lagers and ales from UK breweries. Modern and traditional and ready for you in 2022. 

Lingerie and Underwear

It matters what you wear under your clothes. Take a look at some of Great Britain’s finest and most popular underwear and lingerie brands and makers. 

Swim,Costumes and Bikinis

From Designer luxury bikinis to open water diving costumes, Made in Great Britain looks at Great British swimwear brands

Baby and Toddler

From romper suits to baby grows, find some of the best Great Made in UK brands for babies here. 

Beauty, Skincare and Make UP

From anti-ageing creams to self tanning and make-up, we take a look at some great British beauty brands

Face Masks, Shields and PPE for Work

Find Great British made face masks and PPE equipment. Keep yourself safe at work or out and about. 

Best Luxury Brands

When it comes to British made, we do have some of the most luxurious made products around. Take a look at or collection of British made luxury brands. 

Made in Great Britain look at some of the best Experience Days out in the UK. 

Find affordable hotels and holiday cottages for great British staycations in 2023

Washing Machines

There are not many to choose from we cant lie, So take a look at the best of British made washing machine brands. 

With many people now using CBD oils and products for the many health benefits they provide, here are some of the Best UK made CBD products. 

Search for more British Brands and Products!