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Although a lot of DR Martens are now made overseas in Asia, they do still have a Dr Martens Made in England collection that are still made in their factory in Great Britain. They have a nice selection of classic DM boots and shoes, in Black, Ox Blood and other colours. Buy now from the official Dr Martens website, to ensure you are getting original Made in England Doc Martens.

One of the best UK shoe brands – Joseph Cheaney and sons are another longstanding English shoemakers to appear on our list having started way back in 1886. Quality and style are at the forefront of Cheaney’s philosophy in creating a huge range for men and women. Due to the high quality of materials used they also offer a refurbishment service to prolong the life of them. This is a process that takes around 8-10 weeks.  Shop Joseph Cheaney shoes for men and women here!

Chatham Marine –  Inspired from their nautical roots, Chatham Marine are one of Great Britains key lifestyle footwear brands. Their pricing is very good and their shoes come marked with their Chatham logo which bears a half British flag.  The following styles only are made in Britain, Mens – Newton, Faraday, Hamilton, Damon and Women’s style Julie.  Shop Chatham Marine Shoes here. 

Great British Shoe Brands

Best British Shoe Brands – Robinson’s Shoemakers were established in 1954 and offer a range of luxury brand shoes and boots for men and women from top brand makers in the UK. Their men’s collection includes Barkers, Trickers, Joseph Cheaney, Drapers of Glastonbury and their own brand Robinson’s. If you are looking for quality boots, loafers, brogues, slip-ons, derby’s, oxfords and boat shoes, along with some classic sneakers. They also have a range of non Made in UK shoes, so stick to the brands we have mentioned here and you’ll be grand. 

Grenson, another famous English shoemaker based in Northampton makes our list of Best British brands. Their handmade collection for  women and men,  include brogues, boots and sneakers. The prices are good considering the quality with many Goodyear welted, and were the first shoemakers in the world to use this. This has now become synonymous with British quality shoes. Their repair service should you need it is a full strip down and re-build to their original state. A pair of Grenson  are going to last you a long long time. You can find some Grenson shoes here

Best British Footwear Brands

Crockett and Jones have been hand making the finest quality shoes for over a hundred years. One of the Best British shoe brands and still based in Northampton, their exquisite range for men and women surpass many others around. Made from superior suedes and grain leathers, they are testament to the skilled crafts people who make them. If you have a good few hundred to spend and are looking for the finest footwear to last you for years to come, then Crockett and Jones are a fine choice. 

Best British Shoe Brands

One of Britains most well know shoemakers, Barkers use traditional methods to hand-make their collection for men and women, as they have done ever since 1880. Specialising in Brogues and Loafers of the highest quality for ladies and Gentleman, they boast of offering a shoe to suit your style. Barkers  factory is again based in Northampton alongside many of the great makers. Using carefully selected leathers, their unique quality footwear is something a machine just cannot match. They also offer a refurbishment service. 

Britains Best Shoe Makes

Church’s handmade designer shoes are traditionally made in the same factory in Northampton that they have been since 1957, and overall since 1873. They have stores across the world and also make a range of sneaker trainers featuring the British flag emblem and using the finest leathers, with many Goodyear welted. The quality is unmistakable, but you will need to spend the best part of £400 to own some Church’s finest classics. For the ladies they also have a store in London totally dedicated to Church’s women’s shoes. 

Best British Shoe Brands

Established by Joseph Tricker in 1829 is a British shoe company based in Northampton. Encompassing traditional hand craftsmanship, sturdiness, durability and finesse, Trickers  are definitely one of The Best British shoe brands and deservedly should be touted as one of Britains best shoe makes. They produce fine shoes and boots for men and women alongside some quality accessories. They don’y come cheap. You are talking a good £400-£600 to own a pair of these Bobby Dazzlers, but they are surely worth saving up for. 

Best British Shoe Brands

Solovair, produced by NPS ( Northampton Productive Society ) make all their shoes and boots  in their Northampton factory and all of them containing Goodyear welting, which is something they are famous for. With over 200 different processes in the construction of their footwear, you can be sure of the attention to detail and quality. Not only that, but they are competitive on price for the quality they produce. With over 130 years of British shoe craftsmanship under the belts, you can be sure of 100% British made quality. 

Best British Shoe Brands

Edward Green Shoemaker England, synonymous with timeless tradition, luxury and elegance. A pair of Edward Greens are priced high.  That is because they are handmade in Northampton using the worlds finest leathers and a process that is virtually unchanged since they first started making shoes in England in 1890. In the most part, you need to be spending between £500 and £1200 to own a pair. Attention to detail and English style epitomises every pair. 

Best British Shoe Brands

From their workshop in Devon, Conker have been making bespoke handmade shoes for women, men and kids since 1977. They use the finest materials, traditional cordwaining techniques and are crafted by their skilled artisans entirely in Devon. They are made in a way that ensures that Conker make use of the best of natural resources available. Conker make sure their shoes shoes fit your feet correctly with less stress on the leathers, and every pair can be repaired and re-soled when required meaning they are more sustainable and so better for the planet. Coming in a range of bright colours, their prices are  around £100-£300, 

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