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So you are looking for a pair of new British made trainers. There really are not that many about. You have probably already heard of a couple of the following makes, but there are a number of British shoe companies, that also make their own trainers and sneakers. Take a look at some on our list. 

British made Trainers and Sneakers

Norman Walsh

Norman Walsh Trainers and Running shoes. The last remaining British trainer manufacturer. Norman Walsh have been hand crafting British made trainers in Bolton, England since 1961. Norman started out his career working for W Foster, who was the grandfather of the Jeff and Foster, founders of Reebok so he had a good start. After founding his own company, Walsh over the years have created trainers and running shoes for Olympians, and sportsmen and women. Their 1960’s and 70’s retro trainer range is very popular, even sported by celebrities. All Norman Walsh trainers and running shoes feature the British Flag and trademark Walsh flash on the side. 

British made Trainers

New Balance UK

New Balance UK – Most people will name New Balance as a UK Trainers Brand. They are a US based brand but they do make a range of Trainers in Britain, in their Flimby factory in Cumbria. They originally started making trainers in the UK back in 1982 in Workington before moving. They claim that Made in Britain is very important to them, with us Brits buying into the craftsmanship and materials. But before you buy New Balance. Make sure you are buying New Balance UK made and support our manufacturing industry. 

UK Sneakers Brands


Grenson are an English shoe brand, but have decided to put their famous shoemaking craftsmanship to work on a Made in England range of sneakers. Their Goodyear welted method of creating shoes are regarded as the King of shoemaking and now you can experience the quality in their sneakers range. Pricey but well worth it. 

British made Trainers and Sneakers

Crown Northampton

Crown Northampton are another famous English shoemaker who have also turned their attention to creating a UK sneakers range. Their sneakers for women, men and unisex, are made from premium luxury leather and are all hand made in Northampton. 

If you own a pair of British made trainers from any of the above brands, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. You can also tell us of any other UK trainer brands that we may not have featured. 

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