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Made in UK Men's Shoes

Discover a collection of British men’s shoe brands proudly made in the UK, showcasing the rich heritage of British shoemaking with Northampton at its heart. Explore this page to find renowned brands that have defined British footwear for generations, embodying a legacy of quality and style.

Grenson - Men's Shoes Made in England

Since 1866, Grenson has steadfastly crafted shoes for men in its third and original factory in Northamptonshire, England. They embrace the ‘Goodyear Welted’ process, a time-honoured method that originated in England during the 1800s. Grenson’s men’s shoes endure up to 8 weeks of meticulous craftsmanship, involving over 200 operations. Despite its time-intensive nature, this technique ensures unparalleled durability. From sneakers to sandals, all Grenson shoes embody this commitment. G: One Grenson shoes are made from skin to box in their Northampton factory in England. G: Two shoes use all the same British materials but these are handmade overseas for a more affordable price. So choose the men’s shoes that state G: One in the description for a shoe fully made in the UK.

Dr Martens - Made in England

The history of Dr. Martens shoes begins in 1947 in the United Kingdom when Dr. Klaus Maertens, a German doctor, created the iconic boots during his recovery from a skiing injury. Dr. Maertens wanted a shoe that was more comfortable and supportive than the traditional shoe designs of the time. He designed a new type of sole with an aircushioned, shockabsorbing sole that provided extra comfort and support. He then teamed up with a local cobbler, Mr. Griggs, to manufacture the shoes. Although not all their range is made in the UK, with much made in Asia, you can still be part of the movement to encourage them to bring back manufacturing to Britain. Shop their still Made in England collection below.


Barkers, the celebrated English footwear brand, brings over 135 years of expertise to handcrafting men’s shoes like Goodyear welted Brogues, Derbys, Loafers, and Chelsea Boots. Their stylish and masterfully crafted footwear suits every occasion, reflecting a legacy of excellence in British shoemaking.

Church's - British Men's Shoes

Church’s, a leading British shoemaker, crafts Goodyear welted men’s shoes. These encompass designer Oxfords, Derbys, Boots, and select trainers and sneakers. All are made in Northampton. Church’s commitment to quality and style solidifies its position as one of the top names in British footwear.


Goral offers handmade men’s shoes, along with premium sneakers and trainers. Master Craftsmen, who have perfected their approach, craft high-quality British men’s footwear entirely by hand in Sheffield.

Joseph Cheaney - British Men's Shoes

Explore Joseph Cheaney and Sons’ men’s shoes, crafted in Britain with a commitment to refined style. Handcrafting luxury brogues, oxfords, and derbies they epitomise British durability and timeless elegance. Each pair of men’s shoes represents the pinnacle of British footwear excellence. Built to last and showcasing the finest craftsmanship.

Robinson's Shoes

Robinsons Shoes features luxury footwear from respected English brands, including Barker, Tricker’s, Cheaney, Solovair, and Steptronic. They also offer their own brand of men’s shoes by Robinson Footwear, crafted by hand in the UK. Explore a range of high-quality shoes for men that blend craftsmanship with the distinct elegance of British-made shoes.

Crown Shoes - Men's Shoes Made in Northamtopn

Crown Shoes offers men’s footwear made in Britain, handcrafted in their Northampton, England factory. They provide flexibility and design innovation in a range that includes classic styles and casual sneakers.

Green Shoes - Made in England

Everything at Green Shoes is hand made in England in their workshop on Dartmoor. Ethically made so that they look terrific and feel fantastic too. They also offer a vegan range.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones specialise in the manufacture of high quality Goodyear welted footwear and trainers. One of Britains most famous footwear brands they make in the heart of the industry in Northampton.


Solovair have a proud heritage and over a century of experience in factory surroundings shaping their outlook, processes and work ethic to make them a great example of British craftsmanship.

Alan James Raddon believes in healing through the feet. Having a keen interest in complementary and alternative healing and that is why he will never ever make Pointy Shoes.

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