British made Men's Shoes

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Britain still has a whole host of shoemakers and manufacturers and British made shoes are still some of the worlds best, with Northampton still at the heart of the British shoemaking industry. A good pair of shoes can last you a long time. Invest in a pair that are made in this country and not only will you be buying quality built to last, but you can walk around knowing you have contributed to keeping British craftsmanship alive. Some of the British brands on this page also offer repair services to help them last a lifetime. 

Offering luxury footwear from renowned English brands, such as Barker, & Tricker’s, as well as its own brand of Robinson footwear, which is handmade in the UK.

British Shoes for Men – All Crown shoes are hand made in their Northampton, England factory allowing full flexibility and design progression. Classic styles to casual sneakers. 

Goral offer handmade shoes for men as well as premium sneakers – Master Craftsmen have perfected their approach, resulting in quality British footwear still crafted entirely by hand.

British made Men's Shoes

Grenson – Made in England, It takes up to 8 weeks to make Grenson shoes and involves well over 200 individual processes. Nearly all Grenson shoes are “Goodyear Welted”.

British Shoe Brand –  All Padders shoes are hand made in their Northampton, England factory which allows them full flexibility and design progression.

Everything at Green Shoes is hand made in England in their workshop on Dartmoor. Ethically made so that they look terrific and feel fantastic too. They also offer a vegan range. 

British made Men's Shoes

A great British company and over 25 years’ of expertise, inspired by Chatham’s nautical roots, means their family-run business has become one of Britain’s key lifestyle footwear brands. Shoes for men and women. 

Crockett & Jones specialise in the manufacture of high quality Goodyear welted footwear and trainers.  One of Britains most famous footwear brands they make in the heart of the industry in Northampton. 

British Shoes for Men – Cheaney, are dedicated to handcrafting premium leather shoes to produce the finest footwear in a distinctive, refined style, such as premium quality brogues and boots for men. 

UK Trainer Brands

English famous footwear brand Barkers have over 135 years  experience creating handcrafted favourites such as Brogues and Derbys, Chelsea Boots and more. 

One of Britains top shoe makes, Church’s produce goodyear welted designer Oxfords, Derbys, Boots and some trainers and sneakers , all made in Northampton. 

Solovair have a proud heritage and over a century of experience in factory surroundings  shaping their outlook, processes and work ethic to make them a great example of British craftsmanship.

UK Trainer Brands

UK Trainer Brands – Britains last and only remaining sports footwear manufacturer, made in Bolton since 1961. Walsh’s ” flash ” forms defining part of its  trainers identification.


Alan James Raddon believes in healing through the feet. Having a keen interest in complementary and alternative healing and that is why he will never ever make Pointy Shoes. 

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