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The Cambridge Satchell Company

the cambridge satchel company, women holding bags of various types made by the cambridge satchel company handbag purse and cross shoulder
Satchels, handbags purses and backpacks for Women and Men

British Designer Handbags – The Cambridge Satchel Company produce fine leather bags of all types for women and men. Yes they do the classic satchel based on British leather school bags from years gone by, but they also now have many more purses, backpacks, cross shoulder bags and handbags in their collections. You can also have your bag personalised with initials or letters embossed.

Russell Russell

russell russell, british handbag designer, woman sat of sofa with large red designer handbag by russell russell young british designers
Russell Russell - Made in England

Young British Handbag Designer – Russell Russell is based in The Isle of Man where its founder designs very beautiful and design forward bags which are then created slowly by skilled artisans in Margate, England. Russell Russell was inspired by the founder’s time in France. She admired the way French women made style look effortless by opting for classic staples, usually in a simple colour palette, good tailoring, and an occasional element of surprise. 


m.hulot handbag on the floor between a womans legs with tan shoes and black trousers made in britain, designer handbag brands
Leather Bags - Made in England

All M.Hulot leather handbags and accessories pieces are Made in England, from carefully selected skins of Italian veg leather. Then individually put together by British craftsmen and finished by hand. Shop there collection from handbags, to satchels and purses. 

Kate Sheridan

kate sheridan, woman with brown handbag made by kate sheridan and made in england, handbag designers
Kate Sheridan Bags - Made in Britain

Kate Sheridan is a Great British designer and womenswear label who specialises in women’s clothing, handbags and accessories, bringing her own distinctive styling and prints to traditional British fabrics. Kate Sheridan adds a twist of the unexpected and delightful to everything she creates. She focusses on UK manufacturing and sources quality English and European materials and all made in their East London studio. 

Jam Love London

woman in denim jacket with a jam love london shoulder bag that is made in britain from finest materials
Made in Britain from the Finest Materials

Jam Love London, A new handbag brand making in Britain from the finest of the finest. JAM LOVE combines the finest materials, including vegetable-tanned leather and heritage waxed canvas from Lake Como, Italy with the best of British craftsmanship for their bags and leather accessories.

Taylor Yates

taylr yates handbags, grey white and blue doris cross body shoulder bag by taylor yates made in england
Made in Britain - Taylor Yates Bags

British Handbags Designer, Taylor grew up in the North of England. She thought she was destined to work for other people before changing from working for a large manufacturing company to running a family business. She now designs and makes bags that are all named after the Great women in her family. 


woman on a cliff with sea view holding a zephyr vegan dust bag hand bag in brown made in England
100% Vegan Handbags

Zephyr is a London based sustainable designer bag and accessories brand. All Zephyr products are made from 100% vegan, GOTS certified organic materials, and the production takes place in an ethical London workshop. 

Owen Barry

British handbag brands, woman wearing a british made designer handbag backpack
Distinctively different since 1948

Owen Barry have been producing Sheepskin and Leather goods for over 70 years. They pride themselves as a family owned and ethically run business; upholding a philosophy of British heritage and manufacturing. They have a very nice range of  lifestyle products including handbags, clutch bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. 

Lost Property of London

lpol, lost property of london, leather handbags and accessories, made in britain, british handbag brands, uk handbag brands, uk handbag makers, british handbag makers
LPOL - Sustainable Leather Goods

LPOL, Lost Property of London are an independent London brand and bag designers. . Their aim is to locally source high quality reclaimed fabric and materials to use in the making of their products. They have a zero waste production policy in their east London factory. LPOL’s design philosophy is that their British handbag collections last beyond the latest trends and to change the perception of designer luxury that is not defined by a brand name or logo. 

Best British Handbag Brands

hettie handbags, british handbags and lifestyle brand, best british handbag brand, british made handbags, top uk handbags, uk handbag makers
Hettie - British Lifestyle and Handbag Brand

Hettie, are not only one of the best British handbag makers, they are also a family lifestyle brand which includes items for pets and accessories. Hettie bags again encourage British craftsmanship and use local British fabrics in their luxury small, medium and large sized bags. 

Price range – £85 – £135

Handbag Designers UK

umpie handbags, made in britain, tote bags, canva bags, woman with canvas bag
Umpie Handbags - Fabric Handbags Made in Britain

Bag designers, established in 2009, Umpie handbags are beautifully handcrafted in North Yorkshire using designer fabrics. They make a variety of fabric carpet bags, tote bags, hobo, handbags and shoulder bags. Their entire collection is only available at their online store. They  cannot be found in any high street shops and they don’t make for any other brands. If you would like a specially commissioned handbag using a particular style of fabric, they offer a bespoke service too.  

Price range – £59 – £169

Best UK Bag Brands

galloway kemp, british and scttish made handbags, made in great britain, british flag label, handcrafted in britain
Galloway Kemp - Handcrafted Bags and accessories

Galloway Kemp handcraft luxury bags and accessories using locally sourced materials where they can, which includes tweed, canvas and leather. All their products are created at their factory in the West Midlands. Galloway Kemp bags are available direct to you via their website, not on the high street. An endearing feature of their bags is the stitched Galloway Kemp logo with Union Jack. “Hand Crafted in the UK”

Price range – Classic Tote Bag – £97.50

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British Handbag Brands

Best British Handbags, Zoe Darling Collections
Zoe Darling - Made in England Handbags and Accessories

All Zoe Darling leather handbags and accessories are manufactured in London by experienced artisans.  Zoe Darling Collections is launching new branding, website and online store, which is due to launch by February 2020. 

Price range – Not Specified

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Best British Handbag Designers

carv london, minimalist handbags, leather handbags, woman with beige handbag, made in britain, best british made handbags, top uk handbag brands
Carv - British Minimalist Leather Bags and Accessories

Carv are an ethical fashion brand that make leather handbags, backpacks and accessories.   They are all handmade by Betty Crocker in London, using age old techniques and the finest vegetable tanned leather. Their style is minimilist, with clean lines and shapes. This sustanainable brand is against the current throw away fashion that so many pieces are these days. Every Carv bag is handmade from scratch with attention on quality and detail.

Price range – £165 – £455

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Handbag Designers UK

jane hopkinson handbags, top british handbag designers, best british handbag makers, british made handbags
Jane Hopkinson Bags - Luxury Leather Handbags

Jane Hopkinson make a variety of designer leather bags, all handmade in England. Their collection is divided into two categories, with one being a simple clean lines look influenced by the 1930’s. The other is a softer more organic look inspired by nature. They specialise in attention to detail in the look of decorative piping and fastenings. 

Price range – up to £275

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UK Bag Brands

Tea Green offer a beautiful collection of finest Italian leather handbags, purses and more. The Italian leather used in most Tea Green’s products is from one of the best known tanneries in Italy where vegetable tanning is an artisan tradition, handed down through generations. The process used is far better for the environment than some. This is because it gives a more natural finish and colour instead of using highly pigmented or synthetic coatings. 

Price range – up to £350

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UK Bag Brands

Padfield, Made in England –  London Design. One of the top UK handbag brands, Padfield bags are sustainably crafted from British tanned leather. They believe in keeping British Craftmanship alive, even though it would be cheaper to source and get their products made abroad. You can own a Padfield luxury bag without worrying where and how it was made. 

Price range – Tote Bags around £440

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Best British Handbag Brands

Hyde and Hare design and make beautiful luxury cowhide handbags, clutch bags and other lifestyle accessories. Their uniquely stylish high fashion bags come at affordable prices. You wont find another bag exactly the same anywhere. 

Price range – Up to £395

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UK Bag Brands

John Chapman Bags

John Champman, Made in England bags and handbags. The material for all these bags is cut by hand and then constructed using traditional methods all on the premises. Their bags are not mass produced and every one is machined by hand which is a skill that requires years of experience. Other bags for women include, cross body, tote bags, luggage and backpacks. 

Handbag price range £140-£599

Top UK Handbag Brands


tusting, woman with handbag, made in great britain

Tusting, Made in England. Luxury leather handbags, made entirely in England. Proud of their British heritage ever since they opened their first tannery back in 1875. They also provide their luxury leather to fine British footwear brands such as Church’s Cheaney and Crockett and Jones. Owning one of Tustings quality handbags is a thrill not many will have. 

Handbags price range £240 – £400 on average. 

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British Bag Makers

Carpet Bags

Carpet Bags, established in 1974 are a British manufacturers of luxury carpet bags, luggage and accessories. Their bags are made to the highest of standards to ensure they offer you something unique. One of Carpet bags best sellers is their iconic ‘Cosmic Bag’, which was designed and handmade by their founder Loretta back in 1974. Carpet Bags have continued to create bags of quality, functionality and beautiful designs to this day. Their designs are mainly copies of old Persian Rugs, but they are made from cotton with 100% viscose pile. Viscose also know as Rayon is also biodegradable. Due different batches of carpet some of the designs and colours may vary. 

Price range – Small to large Cosmic Bags – £120 – £180

Handbag Designers UK

So there you have it. A great list of some of the Top UK Handbag Brands and British handbag designers around today. It’s not a definitive list. But it goes to show that here in the Great Britain, we still have some of the best British handbag designers in the world of fashion and accessories. 

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