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Every Bennett Winch product is handmade in England. They use traditional skills and some of the finest hands to create their luggage and bags. They source the finest materials including British brass hardware.  Discover the finest bags, from large capacity holdalls, to canvas weekenders and backpacks. Created to cater for all your needs, with spaces for the modern traveller, such as laptops and mobiles. Their lifetime promise will take care of any repair work required for the whole time you own their product. Every bag is also stamped proudly with the Bennett and Winch logo and handmade in England statement. 

British Designer Handbags – The Cambridge Satchel Company produce fine leather bags of all types for women and men. Yes they do the classic satchel based on British leather school bags from years gone by, but they also now have many more purses, backpacks, and handbags in their collections. The bags proudly display a handmade in Great Britain stamp and you can also have your bag personalised with initials or letters embossed. 

Best British Handbags - Made in Britain

Hyde and Hare handbags, bags and accessories are all made in England. They are a British born Brand and offer the finest luxury Cowhide bags and accessories in the UK. All the Hyde and Hare products are ethically sourced and made from the finest quality materials. 

It’s not just belts. The British Belt Co make amazing bags for men and women. Holdalls, Rucksacks and totes. Fully made in the UK. 

Best British bag brands

Sir Gordon Bennett sell a fantastic range of some Great British bag brands. Whether it is a leather satchel from Brit-Stitch to a luxury Backpack from Portamus, there is something for everyone. And while you are there, you can also browse the entire range of British made products that Gordon Bennett have carefully selected from some of the best British makers around. Feast your eyes on their range here. 

Brit-Stitch handcraft leather milkman satchels in Wales. They are perfect for carrying your everyday essentials such as mobile devices, and odds and sods. They use only the finest leather for all their milkman satchels which means they only get better with age. Find a range of their full and half pint bags here. 

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Best British Handbag Designers

russel russel design handbags made in britain, women holding a russel russel shoulder bag in various colours, british handbag designers
British made Designer Handbags by Russel Russel

Best British Handbag Brands

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Traditional Craftsmanship, Made in the UK

Handbag Designers UK

selection of kate sheridan bags and handbags designed and made in London
Designer Bags, Made in London

British Handbag Designers

jam love london backpacks and handbags, best british handbag brands
Independent British Handbag Designers, Made in London

UK Bag Brands

British handbag brands, woman wearing a british made designer handbag backpack
Made in Somerset
lpol, lost property of london, leather handbags and accessories, made in britain, british handbag brands, uk handbag brands, uk handbag makers, british handbag makers
LPOL - Sustainable Leather and Upcycled Goods

Best British Handbag Brands

Great British Handbags

Best British Handbag Brands

Top UK Handbag Brands

British Bag Makers

The great British handbag is a staple part of most women’s outfit. It finishes off in perfect style as well as being an essential storage area.  Great Britain has an array of quality bag and handbag makers, craftspeople and artisans. Using skills and materials to ensure people have a product to last years down the line. So if you want to support British and own a unique and often handmade product that will have friends and family commenting, then take a look at some of the great British handbags on this page. And many of the bags also carry proudly a Made in UK, England or Britain stamp, just so you can show others you are supporting our economy.