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CBD oil ( Cannabidiol ) is created from the stems, stalks and leaves of the hemp plant and is 100% legal in the UK. Many people now consider these oils to be one of the best wellness products out there with people taking for the health benefits it provides. So in case you are new to this, just to let you know, you cannot get high from CBD oil. And also any other products. This is because the THC content ( the part that gives you the high ) cannot exceed 0.2% by law. So for a long time the USA has had superior CBD oils and products to the UK. But many of the products available were not of good quality.

So many people in the UK are now using CBD oils and products to help them with things such as anxiety, PTSD and insomnia. And people can buy CBD online right now from many websites. So Made in Great Britain have put together our list of favourite and best British CBD oils and products that are all made in the UK.

Best CBD products UK

BROWN’S CBD is a UK-based CBD brand that offers a range of effective products. The product selection ranges from traditional hemp products such as CBD Oils and Hemp Capsules to more innovative options like CBD Patches or Water-Soluble CBD. All are produced with the customer’s well-being in mind. They offer competitive prices, regular offers, and a loyalty point system that rewards customers with 5p for every pound spent. Making the benefits of cannabinoids more affordable for everyday use

Blessed CBD oil is made by a small family run business in the UK and it is up there with the best British CBD oils and products available. They were unhappy with the quality of CBD they found available to the UK market, and so they decided to create their own CBD oil brand. Their CBD oil products can now be purchased online along with capsules, CBD gummies and creams. Organically grown on licensed farms and their full spectrum products are packed with beneficial cannabidoids designed for your health and well being. Also, Blessed is designed specifically for the UK CBD market and therefore is only available to buy in the UK. Shop now for Great British CBD oils and products by Blessed.

UK manufacturers of CBD oils, rubs, capsules, creams and water soluble CBD. cbDNA are also product innovators of Water soluble CBD which is faster acting and longer lasting. It is between 5-20 times more absorbing and cbDNA’s products have been featured in a number of National newspapers. Many of their products are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Healthspan CBD products are made from 100% pure CBD oil. They are legal, safe and batch tested so you have no fear of any psychosis effects. You can buy CBD oil products from Healthspan and other products which include cannabidiol capsules, and cosmetics. Their strongest cannabidiol oil is 1000mg and comes in at 10.7% strength. They also have a balm and an Alt-CBD which has no cannabis and is an alternative to CBD. Prices are affordable and in addition to their CBD products made in the uk, they have a great range of vitamins, supplements and other health products to help with conditions effecting your sleep, menopause, hair, skin and bones.


There are many different CBD products on the UK market which include oils, capsules, water soluble, skincare topicals and balms. Every persons body chemistry is different there is no one product that works the same on all when it comes to using CBD. If you are new to taking CBD it would probably be best to start at 10 – 20mg dose twice per day and increasing gradually until you find a suitable dosage that works for you.

CBD can be taken in quantities of up to 200mg per day, although this would be considered a high strength dose. When it comes to how long it takes to feel the effects of CBD products, again it really does depend. Some might find they feel effects within minutes or up to a couple of weeks.

*Please note, ensure your research is done and or consult your Doctor before you buy CBD oil online.

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