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Many people take supplements and vitamins daily for various conditions, diets and just general wellbeing. The UK has many manufacturers of powders, shakes, serums, capsules and other vitamin products. Maybe you are on a specific diet such as keto or vegan, that leaves your body struggling to get the nutrients it needs. It could be that you are looking to boost your immune system or find products to boost muscle growth. If you are following the vegan diet, you will also find that brands on this page offer vegan supplements. Take a look at some of the best British made around.

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from chronic pain? Do you know someone who has tried everything to find relief? Look no further than ZX10, a powerful thermogenic balm designed to alleviate joint and muscle pain. Whether it’s inflammatory disorders, nerve damage, or general discomfort, ZX10 offers effective help. ZX10 will help people with conditions such as Arthritis in the wrist, Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Tennis Elbow and Bloating. For gym enthusiasts, it can be a valuable addition to your workout routine.

Made in Britain and with a focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients and manufacturing in the UK, ZX10 ensures rigorous quality standards.

Unlike prescription painkillers, ZX10 is a non-addictive solution that prioritises your well-being. It provides safe and natural pain management, without the risk of harming your liver. ZX10 empowers individuals to regain control of their lives and experience a more comfortable and fulfilling existence.

Don’t let pain control your life any longer. Discover the relief you deserve with ZX10. Take the first step towards a pain-free future and unlock the power of ZX10 today.

Neat Nutrition Supplements

Neat Nutrition – Made in the UK. Founded by former Team GB swimmers, Lee and Charlie. The aim was to produce a range of dietary supplements that supports the modern lifestyle, from stress management to muscle aches and immune system boost!

Vitamin D3

British made vitamins supplements. Incite Vitamin D3 are food supplement tablets to help keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy. It also helps support the normal functioning of the immune system and muscle function. With 400 capsules you do not need to worry about ordering for a while. They are also UK made to GMP standards and you can purchase them online here at the Incite Nutrition store.

Vitamin B12

UK health supplements – Weightworld are a UK manufacturer of vitamins and food supplements. They are a British family grown business with over 15 years experience in the field of nutrition. These high strength vitamin B12 capsules are one of their best sellers and come highly recommended. Vitamin B12 helps contribute to the normal functioning of your immune system and can help reduce tiredness and fatigue. You can visit the Weightworld online store here to order and view their other quality British made supplements.

Eye Health Supplements

MacuSheild is the number 1 recommended supplement by eye experts for the enhancement of visual performance and to support eye health. It is Gluten free, not tested on animals and is fully UK manufactured. You can find more of the MacuShield brand and products here.

Immune Boosting Supplements

Prowise Healthcare food supplements, and vitamins are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the UK. They have an excellent range of high grade multi-vitamins, including fruit extract supplements and Vegan Vital Complex. They are all made using the finest ingredients and are highly rated amongst many other British vitamins and Supplements. You can visit the Prowise Healthcare shop here.

Sports Supplements

TDN – Total Dynamic Nutrition manufacture high quality health and sports fitness supplements in the UK. Every TDN product has its own dedicated development team. They have an excellent range of capsules, gummies and powders to help with everything from immune boosting to weight management. Find their products in the TDN store below.

British made Whey protein

Optimum Nutrition is produced in state of the art production facilities in Middlesbrough. They are one of the few sports nutrition manufacturers to produce in every category. You can buy their highly rated Gold Standard Whey protein muscle building powder here.

Reflex Nutrition

Protein powders made in UK – Reflex one stop Xtreme serious mass protein powder has been developed to reduce the use of multiple dietry supplements. It is manufactured in the UK and comes in a variety of flavours including, blueberry, strawberries and cream and vanilla. You can buy this high rated product on a great deal here.

Weight Control Supplements

USN Diet Fuel is a British made weight control and meal replacement supplement. USN Diet Fuel can help you achieve your weight loss goals by reducing your calorie intake. It is packed with nutrients and contains high levels of Fibre. The range comes in plenty of flavours including, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana. It has extremely high customer reviews and can be purchased online at great deals on Amazon UK. Check out the USN supplement store here.


Best British Supplements – Warrior Creatine is a food supplement to be used with a varied diet and can be used pre or insta-workout to give a Creatine boost. It has no additives or junk and is 100% pure creatine. You can grab a great deal on this product here.

Multivitamin Complex

UK health Supplements – Bulk have created a range of products including, vitamins, protein powders, sports nutrition, health and wellbeing and immune boosting supplements made in UK. They also carry a range of organic foods, super foods, zero calorie and protein snacks.

Magnesium Gycinate

British Supplements – Highest rated Magnesium Glycinate, Made in the UK capsules. It is dairy, gluten and allergen free and manufactured in Britain at ISO Licensed facilities and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You can also find a whole range of their products here.

Skin Supplement

Made in UK supplements to give you clear skin and confidence. Created specifically to tackle skin problems at the root. You can choose from their plant based capules which include skinclear elixir, natural vitamic C and vegan vitamin D3-4. Botancyl clearly has evidence based results and some great reviews. If you are vegan you will be pleased to know that Botancyl is also carries vegan supplements.

Premium CBD

Blessed CBD oils, creams, capsules and gummies is rated as the best, not only made in the UK, but designed exclusively for the UK market. With many CBD oils out there that are of poor quality and containing very little, Blessed offer you the very best.

Gut Health

Sense Health produce nutritional and immune boosting capsules, powders and supplements to help with your every day busy lifestyle. From gut health to digestion or joints, all the products are created right here in the UK.

Twenty First Century Herbs

For over 85 years, Twenty First Century herbs have been creating health supplements and natural herbal remedies for people of all ages to help against common ailments. From Rhubarb complex to dandelion herbs and British vitamins & supplements. All made in Britain.

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