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Discover the best British gym equipment brands for your home gym or commercial space. Save on gym memberships and invest in top-quality, long-lasting equipment made in the UK. Explore our list of reputable home gym manufacturers and commercial gym equipment suppliers to find the perfect fit for your fitness needs.

Bulldog Gear

Bulldog Gear, a renowned brand, takes pride in crafting an extensive array of British-made strength and conditioning products. Thorough research and development are invested in perfecting each item before it hits the market. While many of their products are made in the UK, it is essential to check for the “Made in UK” label to ensure you are getting the premium quality and craftsmanship that Bulldog Gear is celebrated for.

Best Gym Equipment UK

Best Gym Equipment offers a selection of top-quality gym equipment, including frames and weights, with some notable British-made options available. Among these is the renowned Watson Power Gym, an excellent choice for home gyms or studios. Additionally, they feature other reputable UK brands like Exigo and Octagon. To make purchasing more convenient, they offer payment options through Klarna, allowing you to spread payments without incurring any interest. Simply search by brand to find these British-made gems and elevate your fitness journey.

Indigo Fitness UK

Indigo Fitness, the UK’s leading gym equipment manufacturer, works with clients across diverse sectors, such as health clubs, education providers, independent gyms, elite sports facilities, corporate wellness, and the military. Since its establishment in 1996, the company aimed to design and manufacture strong and durable strength training equipment. Over the years, Indigo Fitness has evolved into a full-service solution provider, known for creating innovative training spaces. They continuously strive to push the boundaries of product and space design, ensuring exceptional quality and meeting the needs of their clientele.

Since 1999, Watson has been supplying athletes and trainers worldwide with top-notch machines, bars, and accessories. Their factory in Frome, UK, manufactures all of their gym equipment to the highest standards. Gyms across the globe feature Watson’s bars, benches, and dumbbells. They also allow you to customise your personal gym equipment with various colours and even add a design or logo of your choice. If you want quality British-made gym equipment, Watson is an excellent choice.

British Gym Equipment Manufacturers

Pullman Strength Equipment, the UK’s leading manufacturer, of high end gym equipment for both home and commercial fitness spaces. With a strong history in the fitness industry, Pullman has earned trust as a reliable brand. Fitness enthusiasts, gyms, and fitness facilities across the nation prefer Pullman for their commitment to quality, durability, and performance.

Home Gym Equipment UK

Anvil Strength and Conditioning offers tailored gym design, fitness facility consultancy, and premium British-built gym equipment. They cater to home gyms and commercial spaces, crafting high-quality fitness equipment. Additionally, Anvil provides seamless delivery and installation services to ensure a complete fitness solution.

Iron King Gym Equipment UK

Iron King, a leading provider of comprehensive gym solutions, boasts over 30 years of experience. Based in Birmingham, they specialize in designing and manufacturing top-notch home gym equipment in the UK. Their product range includes strength and conditioning equipment, rigs, racks, and various accessories, catering to both professional and home gyms. Iron King ensures the production of high-quality fitness equipment. Additionally, they offer a gym design service to create optimal workout spaces tailored to their clients’ needs.

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