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Made in Great Britain take a look at some of the best British Beauty Brands. From UK skincare to oils, serums and make-up, body and bath, fragrances and multi award winning self tanning and anti-ageing creams. 

woman applying ati ageing eye cream british made natural skincare from balance me
British natural skin and body care for all ages

Balance me are a multi award winning British beauty brand that produce a huge range of quality skincare and body care products. For women of all ages they have products for all skin types and women of all ages, including pregnancy, menopausal and teen skin conditions. Their science led skin formulations help bring your skin back into balance. Every product is made in the UK and the prices are very reasonable with offers on if you can catch one. 

procoal british made skincare, natural deodorants, natural face masks
British made body and skin products

British skincare brand Procoal create high performance face and body products at affordable prices. From face masks, to natural body deodorants and soaps, teeth whitening and cleansers. They use only ingredients that are clinically proven to work. Another bonus is that their tubes are 100% recyclable and all products made in the UK. 

best british beauty brands, science of skin products skin solutions for acne stretch marks and scars, made in uk
Skin solutions for scars, stretch marks and acne

Science of Skin – clinically proven, solution-focused skincare remedies for scars, stretch marks and acne, as well as redness, itching and other skin problems. . Taking the very best from science and nature, Science of Skin was founded by one of the UK’s leading beauty cosmetic surgeons Douglas McGeorge and Ardeshir Bayat, an acclaimed academic skin biologist (with an international reputation in wound healing and skin scarring) Years of collaboration and a desire to address unmet skincare needs has resulted in the development of their breakthrough cult scar treatment cream, Solution for Scars. All Science of Skin creams and lotions are fully Made in the UK. 

Nakin Skincare, natural anti ageing creams and lotions for lips and skin and eyes, made in uk
Nakin - Natural Anti-Ageing Creams and Lotions

Nakin are one of the UK’s leading skincare brands and create luxurious anti-ageing creams, moisturisers and lotions for the lips, skin and eyes. They are a British Beauty Brand offering award winning,  products, formulated with natural ant-ageing plant extracts. Nakin products are filled with natural anti-ageing ingredients such as plumping hyaluronic acid, line smoothing hibiscus, vitamin C filled pomegranate and conditioning seaweed extract. This enables your skin to flourish and thrive. They are all produced in the UK and entirely cruelty free. 

the loving nature natural handmade in the uk deodorants and pain relief balms, british beauty brand
Natural Vegan Friendly Balms and Oils

The Loving Nature are a British skincare brand with a range of natural organic deodorants, balms and remedies. Their products are made using only natural ingredients, with nothing artificial, synthetic and no GMO’s. The Loving Nature hand-make in small batches in the UK. 

wild natural plastic free sustainable deodorant with refills, made in uk
Sustainable Natural Deodorant, Made in the UK

Wild natural deodorant is kind to your skin as well as the environment. This British beauty brand makes all their products right here using UK manufacturers. The deodorant can be ordered and delivered direct to your door and also has a plastic free, compostable refill. You can choose between 5 scents containing natural ingredients such as coconut, sunflower and shea and provide a long lasting, effective natural deodorant that contains none of the harmful ingredients found in some brands. 

arran of scotland after the rain gift set made in britain
Body Bath and Home Fragrance, Made in the UK

Scottish brand, Arran of Scotland create British skincare collections, body & bath and delightful fragrances. Formally known for a long time as Arran Aromatics, they are Scotlands leading manufacturer of luxury toiletries. 

British Beauty Products and Brands

Rose and Caramel are your one stop destination for flawless self tanning products. They have already won 17 beauty awards in just 3 years. The best in self tan they are also pioneers in self tan removal. From tanning mousses to aerosols and bubble bath tan remover. 

Conscious Skincare have already won a fair few awards for their organic and natural skincare products. They are also  recognised by many trusted organisations.  Their range covers all areas of skincare, from face, body, hair hands and fragrance free, as well as most skin types. Their philosophy is an ethical one, right down to the eco-friendly packaging they use. 


Best British Beauty Brands

Bee Good are an independent skincare company that harness the potent properties of the Honey Bee. They expertly blend their ingredients with active botanicals to create an effective and gentle skincare range for men and women of all skin types.  The Bee Good range includes serums, cleansers, moisturisers and more, as well as products designed to help relieve psoriasis and eczema.


Best British Beauty Brands

Lola’s Apothecary produce a range of holistic essential body oils, polishes and bath milks and salts. They have also been awarded the butterfly mark for their commitment to sustainability. Lola’s passion for nature and wellness, respects the environment while producing moments of luxury, with their fine fragrance and effective skincare products. 

Best British Beauty Brands

Multi award winning British Beauty Brand Seascape, already has over 35 awards to its name, for outstanding quality and performance. They have an excellent range or bath and shower products, for men, women and the little ones. Seascape also produce a Vegan friendly and Maternity range of lotions, washes and oils. 

Best British Beauty Brands

Tan Cream Ltd is a multi award winning Luxury Moisturiser. It has built in SPF50 5 star sun protection combined with a gradual self tan. After featuring on Dragons Den, its now helped to transform peoples daily skin routines worldwide. There are numerous 5 start rave reviews for Tan Cream. 

Best British Beauty Brands

Aqua Natural have produced a modern method of depilation in Aqua sugaring strips. Its completely naturally formulated using just pure sugar syrups. Its the only product to be registered with The Vegan Society and The Leaping Bunny Programme. 

Best British Beauty Brands

Tropic is one of the Top UK Beauty Brands producing a range of certified Cruelty Free, Vegan and Natural Skincare products and Make-up. Tropic have an excellent range of make-up products, from concealers and foundation to lipsticks and mascaras. They believe in sustainably sourcing all their ingredients. 

Best British Beauty Brands

The Rose Tree, British Organic Luxury Beauty and Skincare products. Their beautiful organic produced skincare products, use the highest quality natural ingredients. Proudly manufacturing in Britain and sourcing from local British suppliers. 

Best British Beauty Brands

Tannovation is a British sunless tanning brand. Their manufacturing laboratory is based in the Prestigious Strathclyde Business Park, Scotland, UK. The Tannovation brand is an innovation by collaborating two of the largest ingredients suppliers in the World.  Producing the  allo-Melanin based Champagne and Black Truffle infused Express activating sunless tanning product line. All Tannovation products are manufactured fresh from their facility so as their “Crafted for beauty™” slogan says it is crafted so their clients get the optimum quality of product. 

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