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When it comes to the best mattresses, the UK boasts many manufacturers that have earned a solid reputation. With a rich history of mattress making, the UK has become a hub for top bedding solutions, with many well-known brand names at the forefront. In this article, we will delve into the world of British-made mattresses, exploring the many brands and manufacturers and the history that has contributed to their success. From traditional craftsmanship to cutting-edge innovation, the UK mattress industry continues to thrive. Britain offers consumers a wide array of choices for a comfortable night’s sleep. So, below we look at British mattress manufacturers and discover the legacy behind their exceptional products.

Best British Mattresses Online

Mattress Online stands out as a reputable company that offers an impressive range of British-made mattress brands and beds. They consistently provide a wide selection of well known UK mattress brands such as Sealy, Harrison Spinks, Dunlopillo, Silent Night, and many others. Notably, Mattress Online offers amazing deals on these top British brands. This makes high-quality sleep solutions more accessible to a larger audience. Their commitment to affordability has made them a go-to destination for those seeking comfortable and quality UK-made mattresses. Mattress Online truly delivers both value and satisfaction.

HiGrid, British Made Mattresses

Higrid, the sleep company, is on a mission to improve sleep quality for every individual. Their quality British made mattresses are the result of years of research. Each layer is crafted based on Sleep Science principles to ensure a happy, healthy, and restful sleep experience.

The Smartgrid, innovative sleep technology, stands apart from memory foam, latex, or coir. Engineered to be both soft and supportive, the unique grid structure, made with hyper elastic polymer, adapts to body curvatures like hips and shoulders. This design prevents pressure on any body part while providing ample cradling and cushioning. The Smartgrid mattress from Higrid offers the ultimate in sleep comfort, proudly made in the UK.

Sleepeezee Mattresses, Handmade in the UK

If you’re on the lookout for quality British mattress brands, Sleepeezee should definitely be on your radar. They are renowned for their handmade mattresses crafted right here in the UK. Sleepeezee have been in the business of creating luxury British beds and mattresses since 1924. Over the years, Sleepeezee has grown into one of the most well-known bed manufacturers worldwide. Their impeccable craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and uncompromising quality have earned them the highest regard. From sumptuous bedding and gel pillows to cosy pet beds. Every Sleepeezee product is meticulously made at their factory in Rochester, Kent. They even have an award-winning mattress in their range, the “Jessica,” voted the best mattress in 2019. 

Sealy Mattresses

Sealy offers some of the best, affordable and luxury British-made mattresses. They are renowned worldwide for their high quality, expertise, and innovation, making them one of the best UK manufacturers of mattresses, beds, and bedding. You can choose from a variety of soft, medium, and firm options, including pocket sprung and pillow top products, all proudly made in the UK. Sealy mattresses also come with a 5-year guarantee. Explore Sealy mattresses at unbeatable prices here.

Hypnia Mattresses and Bedding

Hypnia Mattresses and Bedding proudly made in the UK, offer an unrivalled level of comfort. Their UK-made mattress range includes the best-selling Supreme, alongside the Essential Hybrid and Supreme Memory.  and various sizes from small to super king. Complementing their British-made mattresses are toppers, pillows, duvets, and premium bedding. All this helps to create the ultimate sleep experience.

Customers can enjoy a worry-free 200-night trial in the comfort of their homes, allowing them to make informed decisions. With a commitment to long-lasting comfort, Hypnia provides a quality guarantee of up to 15 years, all at an affordable price.

Experience hypoallergenic and breathable sleep with a Hypnia mattress and wake up refreshed every morning.

Hypnos Mattresses

Explore the Best UK Mattress – Hypnos creates some of the world’s comfiest beds in Buckinghamshire, England. Each Hypnos mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee and offers superior comfort and various support levels. They tailor mattresses to your specifications, including firmer tops for back care. Specialising in luxury pocket-sprung mattresses, Hypnos uses natural and sustainable fillings like wool and cotton. They proudly hold a Royal Warrant, symbolising excellence in British-made bedding. Check out the extensive range of Hypnos mattresses here.

Harrison spinks Mattresses

Discover True British Bedmakers – And world leaders in luxury British comfort since 1840. Harrison Spinks’s best-selling mattresses are crafted from UK-grown and expertly chosen materials. They excel in sustainable UK mattress manufacturing, and their British natural mattress collection is 100% recyclable. Shop Harrison Spinks Mattresses, bedding, and beds here.

Dunlopillo Environmentally Friendly Mattresses

Sleep easy with Dunlopillo’s eco-friendly British mattresses. Crafted from 100% pure Dunlopillo latex, the company responsibly harvests it from managed plantations, purifying over 90 million tons of CO2 annually. Dunlopillo proudly holds three Which? Best Buy awards, validating their commitment to exceptional quality. Customers can choose from a variety of mattresses, featuring anti-allergenic and cooling technology. Shoppers can find unbeatable prices for Dunlopillo mattresses, offering sustainable luxury for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Reylon British Beds

Introducing Reylon – The Ultimate British Mattress and Bed Experience!

Welcome to the world of Reylon, where they proudly claim to make the best beds and mattresses in the UK. With a history in the UK of over 160 years, Reylon has been hand-making mattresses and continues to strive for perfection. Their mattress collection includes delightful silk blends and wool fillings.  They offer a wide selection of options like gel, pocket sprung, memory foam, and more traditional-style mattresses. In addition, Reylon offers a collection of British-made Divan Beds with great storage and stylish statement headboards. Anyone looking for a superior sleep experience should take a look at the Reylon range of beds and mattresses here.

Silent Night Mattresses & Bedding

UK Mattress Manufacturers – Silentnight, a trusted sleep brand for over 70 years, leads in British bed making. They hold the ‘Superbrand’ status with iconic Hippo and Duck mascots. Silentnight makes all their mattresses in Lancashire, UK. They offer a wide range of best-selling memory foam and pocket-sprung mattresses for all budgets and bed sizes. Find the best prices for Silentnight mattresses here.

Dreamcloud Luxury Mattresses

Experience the ultimate sleep indulgence with Dreamcloud’s luxury hybrid mattress, proudly manufactured in the UK. This remarkable mattress combines plush comfort with memory foam. It has and exceptional support from pocket springs, providing a unique sleep experience. Bid goodbye to restless nights and say hello to rejuvenating slumber. Dreamcloud’s clever hybrid design ensures optimal pressure relief, spinal alignment, and motion isolation, leaving you refreshed and ready to conquer the day. The Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress promises cloud-like comfort and uninterrupted bliss every night.

Next Day Delivery UK Mattresses

Need a mattress or bed quickly? Order by 5 pm for next-day delivery. Choose from top British brands like Great British Mattress and Bed Brands. Click the link below to find stock and order now!

Reylon, Layezee, Tuft and Springs, Sleepeezee, Dunlopillo, Hypnos, Silentnight, Sealy, Gainsborough Beds, Millbrook Beds, Dreamland Beds, Hyder Beds, Spring King, Shire Bed Company, Rest Assured, and Breasley. 

Orthopaedic Mattresses, Made in Devon

Putnams proudly offers the NHS a great range of Orthopaedic mattresses, pillows, covers, wedges, and pressure cushions. These mattresses are made in Devon, UK, and designed to distribute weight evenly for a cloud-like sleep experience. You can choose from memory foam, coolmax, and Ripple Mattress, all providing excellent back and shoulder support. Order directly from their website for a great British night’s sleep!

Handmade Mattresses & Headboards

Aspire Furniture offers a fantastic collection of British hand-made beds, mattresses, ottomans, and headboards, all fully made in the UK. Their prices are excellent, and they often have discount codes to save more money. Check out their beds and mattresses online.

British Hybrid Mattresses

Lola Sleep offers a superb UK-made cool hybrid mattress with 6 layers of comfort and luxury. Made in an eco-friendly factory, using finest materials. Rated excellent on Trustpilot, 100-night trial and 8-year guarantee. Visit Lola Sleep for a lasting, great night’s sleep.

The Benefits of Buying British Made Mattresses and Beds

Buying a British-made mattress from a UK manufacturer comes with many benefits. Not only does it support local businesses and boost the domestic economy, but it also ensures high-quality craftsmanship. This along with following strict manufacturing standards. British mattress manufacturers have a rich history and legacy in the art of bed-making, and creating top-notch sleep solutions.

Some of the best UK mattress brands are well-known for their exceptional quality and innovation. Companies like Harrison Spinks, Sleepeezee, and Reylon have been producing outstanding mattresses for decades. They have excelled in comfort, durability, and sleep technology advancements. These brands offer a wide range of options, from traditional pocket-sprung mattresses to hybrid designs.

British Made Mattresses, Support Sustainability

Choosing a British-made mattress also means supporting sustainability. Many UK manufacturers prioritise eco-friendly practices. They use responsibly sourced materials and employ sustainable production methods. Additionally, buying locally reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. This contributes to a greener environment.

It is worth celebrating the rich bed-making history of the UK. British manufacturers have continuously pushed the boundaries of comfort and sleep solutions. From the traditional craftsmanship of handmade mattresses to the innovative technologies in modern designs. Being proud of this heritage encourages the support of local businesses and the recognition of the products they produce.

Opting for a mattress from a UK manufacturer ensures superior quality, supports the local economy, and contributes to sustainability. With renowned brands and proud bed-making history, purchasing a mattress made in the UK guarantees a comfortable sleep experience. All this while supporting the legacy of British craftsmanship.

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