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Cello TV’s Made in Britain

British-made TVs by Cello feature Smart LED HD technology and are proudly made in the UK. With a rich history, this UK company has become known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the television industry. Based in County Durham, England, Cello makes a wide range of TVs that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Founded in 2001, Cello quickly earned a reputation for its dedication to manufacturing TVs in the UK. This commitment to local production allows them to closely monitor the entire manufacturing process and maintain stringent quality control standards. By choosing a Cello television, customers can support British manufacturing and contribute to the local economy.

Smart TV range

Cello offers a great selection of TVs to suit different requirements. The full range includes LED TVs, Smart TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs, and portable and travel TVs. Whether you need a compact TV for a bedroom or a large-screen TV for a living room. Cello has options available to fit various room sizes and viewing preferences.

One of the advantages of Cello’s UK manufacturing is the assurance of quality. By producing its TVs locally, they can ensure that every aspect of the production process meets its high standards. This results in reliable TVs that deliver exceptional performance and longevity.

Cello smart TVs can be found in a few UK outlets both online and in some stores. Amazon UK is one of their main outlets and you can shop for many of their products in the Cello Store.

By choosing a Cello smart TV, you not only enjoy a superior television viewing experience but also support UK manufacturing and the local economy. Their County Durham base serves as a hub for innovation and quality control. This provides customers with reliable technologically advanced British-made TVs. With Cello, you can have confidence in a British-made product that embodies a legacy of quality and supports local industry.

Best Selling Cello Smart Tv's

Cello Ferguson Smart Full HD TV: Made in the UK

British-Made Quality with 24/7 Customer Support

Choose the Cello Ferguson Smart Full HD TV, proudly made in the UK, for peace of mind. Located in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, Cello’s head office and factory provide customer service that’s just a phone call away, offering help and advice whenever needed.

Stunning Design and Endless Entertainment

Enhance your viewing experience with this beautifully designed TV. With Freeview Play, explore a world of entertainment, enjoying over 100 channels and more than 20,000 hours of free on-demand content. Cello offers endless entertainment options without any subscription costs.

Fast App Streaming and Wireless Audio

Experience up to 100% faster app streaming and download your favourite apps like Disney+. Elevate your audio experience to match the stunning visuals on screen with wireless audio capabilities. Enjoy the best of British-made TV with Cello.

Cello TV 12 Volt, Made in UK

22″ Full HD LED TV: Perfect for Campervans and Motorhomes

Made in the UK for British Camping

The Cello 22″ Full HD LED TV, proudly made in the UK, is perfect for campervans and motorhomes. It’s an ideal companion for British camping.

Built-in Satellite Tuner

With a built-in satellite tuner (DVB-S2), you can watch your favourite channels even if you lose the terrestrial signal or travel abroad.

Versatile and Road-Ready

Take your Cello 12-volt Caravan TV on the road. It works seamlessly in caravans, motorhomes, boats, and HGV vehicles.

Slim Design with Mounting Options

This slim 12-volt Cello LED TV includes a center pedestal but also offers wall-mounting options. Hang it in your caravan, boat, or HGV with ease.

Easy Setup and Operation

Set up quickly and easily. This non-smart TV can become smart by connecting a smart stick to one of its HDMI or USB ports. It also includes a power adaptor for 220-volt use.

Enjoy your travels with the Cello 22″ Full HD LED TV, designed for adventure and convenience.

Is Cello a Good TV Make?

Cello is a well-regarded British TV brand known for its quality and innovation. They are committed to making TVs in the UK, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Customers have praised Cello TVs for their reliability, great picture quality, and easy-to-use interfaces. They offer a variety of models, including LED TVs, Smart TVs, and 4K Ultra HD TVs, to cater to different preferences.

While everyone’s experience may vary, Cello has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy TV brand. Their focus on British manufacturing and customer satisfaction has contributed to their positive image.

Where are Cello TVs Made?

Cello TVs are proudly made in the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to local manufacturing, their TVs are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Based in County Durham, their TVs embody the renowned craftsmanship associated with British-made products.

Are Cello and Ferguson TV's The Same?

Ferguson TVs: A British Brand Since 1946

Since 1946, Ferguson TV has brought your favourite TV series, movies, and shows to life with incredible quality. Relaunched in 2017 with fellow UK electronics brand Cello, Ferguson TV continues to lead in manufacturing top-quality televisions and electronic accessories.

Proudly British Televisions

Staying true to their roots, Ferguson manufactures their tv’s and electronics at their headquarters in County Durham, UK. Experience British-made quality and innovation with Ferguson TVs.

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