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Cello is the only UK manufacturer of TV’s. From their production line in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, the manufacture LED tv’s up to 75″, android smart, 4k, and built in DVD tv’s. In 2017 they brought back the Ferguson brand, once popular in the 60’s, 70’s and 80;s to the shelves of the UK. If you are trying to move away from the many foreign made televisions, you can upgrade to a British made Cello TV and choose from some of the best with highly rated reviews. 

Smart Android TV's

With a Cello Made in Britain, smart android tv, you can stream videos on Youtube and watch all your favourite shows on Netflix. Amazon Prime films and Freeview HD TV. Below are some of the best deals. 

Cello 4k Ultra HD, LED TV's

Not everyone needs or wants a smart TV, but you do want a clear high defination picture. Cello have a great range of 4k ultra HD TV’s up to 50″, and even have built in DVD’s if you require. Highest rated and best deals are featured below. 

Cello are a Great British manufacturer of TV’s. If you are looking to buy more British made, they are a great brand to support if you can. We Brits love our telly, and so let’s start with keeping a UK manufactured TV brand and jobs going. You can’t buy direct from their website but here are a few places they recommend and Amazon UK is one of them. You can visit their  store here

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