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Discover the Best of British Camping – The adventure-loving Brits have a soft spot for camping. From rocking out at music festivals to pitching tents in the enchanting woods. Camping offers a fantastic escape for everyone, especially the kids! It’s the perfect budget-friendly way to immerse yourself in nature and leave all the worries behind. Now, let’s dive into some outstanding British-made outdoor equipment brands. Covering everything from outdoor clothing to cosy sleeping bags and all the camping gear you need to create lasting memories. Get ready to embrace the great outdoors in true British style!

British Camping equipment, Ghillie Kettle

The Ghillie Kettle, a beloved British brand, handcrafts traditional and efficient outdoor camping kettles. These kettles have become a piece of essential equipment for British camping trips. Inspired by the traditional Ghillie camping kettle, the design allows for quick and easy boiling of water using natural fuels like twigs and leaves. With a simple and innovative design, the Ghillie Kettle is a reliable companion for anyone seeking a hot drink or meal during their outdoor escapades. Made with pride in the UK, the Ghillie Kettle showcases British craftsmanship and is cherished by British campers, hikers, and outdoor lovers worldwide.

British Camping, Sleeping Mats Made in UK

Best of British Camping – where Multi Mat takes the lead in producing the world’s finest sleeping mats right here in the UK. These mats are a perfect companion for camping adventures and overnight stays. Multi Mat offers a variety of products, including foam, self-inflating, and inflatable sleeping mats, along with accessories that cater to a wide range of camping activities. From family holidays to polar expeditions, they’ve got you covered. By utilising the most advanced materials and technology, Multi Mat creates top-notch British camping equipment, ensuring the highest quality for all your outdoor escapades.

Buffalo Outdoor Clothing, Made in England

Buffalo, the iconic British outdoor brand, proudly crafts its products in Sheffield, UK. With a legacy dating back to the 1970s, Buffalo has gained a reputation for producing innovative and durable outdoor gear. Their product range includes a variety of weather-resistant jackets, trousers, and accessories designed to withstand the elements. Perfect for British camping and outdoor walking adventures. Buffalo’s unique design incorporates a Pertex shell and pile lining. This provides exceptional insulation and breathability. Outdoor enthusiasts across the UK love Buffalo’s reliable and performance-driven clothing. It ensures comfort and protection whether camping under the starlit British sky or hiking through scenic trails.

British made tents

Terra Nova, a well-known British brand, makes high-quality tents in the UK for camping and expeditions. Their tents are popular among adventurers worldwide due to their expertise in tent design. Using premium materials and innovative technology, Terra Nova creates tents that offer superior performance and durability. Whether you need a lightweight backpacking tent or a spacious expedition shelter. Terra Nova’s British-made tents ensure comfort and protection during outdoor adventures. Camping enthusiasts and expedition teams trust Terra Nova for their reliable and high-quality tents.

British Outdoor Clothing

Hilltrek, a renowned outdoor clothing brand, showcases a rich history of expertise and passion for crafting outdoor garments. Situated in Aboyne, Royal Deeside, Scotland, the brand draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and rugged terrains surrounding its workshop.

One of Hilltrek’s key strengths is its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Skilled artisans carefully design and hand-craft each garment, ensuring the highest level of attention to detail and quality. This hands-on approach sets Hilltrek apart and guarantees that every item reflects the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Hilltrek’s product range caters to diverse outdoor enthusiasts. From hikers, trekkers, and anglers, to cyclists, campers and bush crafters. The collection of jackets, smocks/wind shirts, trousers, breeches, shirts, and accessories, is tailored to meet the demands of various outdoor activities and environments.

Hilltreks use durable and weather-resistant fabrics to ensure their outdoor clothing can withstand the elements. This ensures and provides reliable protection during outdoor adventures.

The British outdoor brand’s designs stand out for their functionality. They are carefully engineered to deliver optimal performance without compromising style.

Sleeping Bags Made in UK

Best of British Camping with RAB! RAB takes great pride in personally stuffing all their British made sleeping bags at their factory in Derbyshire, UK. Their lightweight, packable sleeping bags are the ideal companions for British camping trips and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re exploring breathtaking landscapes or embarking on thrilling escapades, RAB’s sleeping bags deliver unmatched comfort and performance. Trust in RAB’s dedication to craftsmanship as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors during your British camping journey.

Snugpak British Sleeping Bags and Insulated Clothing

Snugpak, the British outdoor and camping brand. They operate from a listed mill dating back to the 1800s, nestled on the edge of the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Snugpak stands as one of the last British manufacturers of top-quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing. Alongside, they offer a diverse range of camping gear and outdoor clothing, encouraging customers to select the “UK made” tab on their website. Snugpak’s commitment to quality shines through their locally crafted products, making them a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and comfortable gear for their adventures.

British made Camping Bags and Bike Bags

Celebrate every moment this summer with Alpkit. A British brand offering storage and carrying equipment perfect for camping and the outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, trekking, climbing, or enjoying good old British camping. Their British made collection features bags and bike gravel bags.

British made Outdoor Equipment

For almost 30 years, Aiguille Alpine Equipment has designed and manufactured climbing and mountaineering rucksacks in the heart of the Lake District. They proudly continue to produce everything locally in Staveley, UK.

Their dedication to British manufacturing has earned them a trusted reputation among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers worldwide. Aiguille’s British camping and outdoor bags and rucksacks are celebrated for their innovative designs. They offer thoughtful features, and exceptional performance in challenging terrains.

From compact daypacks to spacious expedition bags, Aiguille’s diverse range caters to climbers, mountaineers, hikers, and campers alike.

Made in UK Kayaks

Tootega, a renowned British brand, specialises in crafting top-quality kayaks right here in the UK. They design and manufacture their sit on kayaks using the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. They cater to paddlers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. Tootega’s UK-made kayaks offer exceptional performance and durability on the water. This allows you to explore the breathtaking waterways and coastlines in true British style.

Waterproof Clothing Made in England

Mountain Method, is a reputable Made in England brand. They specialise in outdoor waterproof clothing. Outdoor enthusiasts love Mountain Method for its rich history and commitment to quality. Inspired by England’s rugged terrains and unpredictable weather. The brand crafts durable and high-performance gear. Their product range includes waterproof jackets, trousers, and accessories. Made with premium materials and advanced technologies, providing optimal protection against the elements. Whether hiking, trekking, camping or enjoying nature’s beauty, Mountain Method’s British-made clothing is perfect for all outdoor adventures.

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