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Cycling is a British thing. We enjoy it and are very good at it. And lets face it, cycling is good for our health, both mentally and physically, as well as being better for the environment. So what needs to happen now is for people to support those British and UK manufacturers of cycling equipment, cycle clothing and bicycle brands. Some of the British cycling brands on this page you may have already heard of and use. Made in Great Britain will  show you some you don’t know about. So try and support these cycling brands to ensure their continued presence in this country and protect jobs and skills. 

Cycling Helmets – Dashel have created a fantastic range of recyclable cycle helmets that are light, stylish and safe. They have a range of Team GB helmets and 15% of all of proceeds goes direct to supporting them. The Dashel range of urban cycle helmets come in a range of colours to suit the most fashionable cyclist. Check them out here. 

Cycling Helmets – The Headkayse mission is to make the safest head protection out there for cyclists. They believe they have already created the safest cycling helmet the world has seen and they are made right here in the UK. Most conventional cycle helmets are made from polystyrene and the deform after an impact. The Headkayse One is not a fragile one hit wonder, and their unique Enkayse liner enables the helmet to pass EN1078 safety tests.  After multiple impacts it will provide unrivalled protection time and time again. If you are serious about cycling, you need one of these. 

Best British Cycling Brands

British Cycling Clothing – R.E.W Reynolds was established in 1923 and originally they manufactured bicycle frames sold around the world. However they soon changed to making leather cycling shoes as they were based at the heart of English shoemaking in Northampton, England. Their Goodyear welted cycling shoes are made to the highest quality, designed specifically for cycling and all day wear. They are the longest established cycling shoe manufacturer and are up there with the best in the world. 

Best British Cycling Brands

British Cycling Brand – Lusso are a UK cycling manufacturer and create all their cycle clothing and cycling equipment in their own  facility in England. They cater for both men and women with cycling clothing such as shorts, leggings, base layers, gloves, tights, jackets, jerseys and cycling accessories. Each year they develop better designs and fabrics for their cycle gear and have done since 1982. 

British Bicycles and Cycling Equipment

Ironbridge create bicycle frames in Britain and can proudly and rightly make that claim. They have three ranges of bicycles that are entirely British made. All their frames are built using Reynolds 853 frame tubing and some selective Columbus seat and chain stays. Each Ironbridge frame comes with a certificate of authenticity and this is initialled at each key stage of production by the crafts people who make it.

Best British Cycling Brands

British Cycling Brands – Hackney GT make all their cycling jerseys and clothing in the UK using the best materials they can find. For cyclists of all types and whether you are off up a mountain or popping down to the town. They have a good range of base jerseys, BIB shorts and other accessories such as hats and t-shirts. 

British Cycling Clothing and Equipment

British Cycling Equipment – Lumicycle create high performance road lights, mountain bike lights and extreme performance. Lumicycle products are always innovative, using the best possible technology and engineering techniques.  in addition, only the very best quality materials are used to make low volume, but extremely high quality products that are available worldwide. Lumicycle lights are really “for the long ride home”  meaning that you can rely on them no matter what the weather conditions. 

British Bicycles

British made Cycling Clothing Velobici are an British cycling brand that produces all their garments in Leicestershire. Their road-wear cycling clothing is second to none in terms of quality and performance. You can choose from their range of short and long sleeve jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, gilet’s and accessories. Everything is designed and made in England to take you through the cycling calendar and prepare you for any conditions all year round.

British and UK cycling Brands

British cycling brands – Impsport was established in the 1970’s, and is the World renowned provider of customised cycling clothing, triathlon and athletics performance apparel for all levels of participation.  From the recreational to the elite at the pinnacle of World competition. Their staff will guide you through the process of fully ordering  customised kit for your club or team.  

Cycling Clothing and Equipment

Maxx Raxx design and manufacturer of the cycle carrier for life. All MaxxRaxx Cycle Carriers have a tilting facility, an inbuilt security cable, and their own unique ratchet tie-down mechanism and come supplied with locating pins. They also have Tow bar mounted bike racks that mount directly onto the tow ball or with our special Foot brackets that allow you to tow & carry at the same time. British design and manufactured since 1994. 

British Bicycle Brands

British Bicycle Brand – Shand, design and make their bike frames in Scotland. All Shand bikes have adventure in their DNA – you can ride them on the road but they really come into their own off the beaten track. If speed is your thing, than take a look at their modern British classics specifically designed for the road and Shand mountain bikes can tackle whatever mountain you point at them. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of the quality in British made. 

British Cycling Brands

British built Bicycles – Pashley are the logest established bicycle manufacturer in the UK. They have a range of bicycle, tricycles, carriers and accessories that not only ooze British heritage, but have the quality of build to last a generation. They employ a close-knit team of experienced craftsmen who hand-build each cycle individually.  This ensures  an unparalleled level of quality and longevity in a bicycle that will provide years of performance, pleasure and reliability.

British Bicycle Manufacturers

British Bicycles – The mother of all folding bikes – The unique Brompton folding bike was designed and built in London in 1975 . It is still made in London today, and Brompton are making over 45,000 bikes per year making them the UK’s largest bike manufacturer.Each bike is hand brazed by skilled craftsman at our London factory. This makes every bike incredibly tough and unique. Each Brompton brazer is trained  for 18 months and has a ‘signature’ which they stamp on the parts of the bike that they have worked on. London is a city of icons and a Brompton bike is definitely one of them.

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