British Precision Engineering

A list of UK Manufacturers for precision-engineered components, assemblies and CNC Milling.

UK Precision Engineering Companies

UK Precision Engineered Components

HV Wooding

A leading UK manufacturer of precision-engineered components and assemblies, with over 50 years of experience. They produce high-specification components like busbars, switchgear, and motor laminations. With comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, ranging from prototype development to volume production, they utilise techniques such as Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting, Presswork & Tooling, Assembly, and Electroplating. HV Wooding maintains long-standing partnerships with esteemed companies like Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, and GE Renewables.


Phone: 01303 264471

Thread Rolling Specialists

Dobson & Beaumont

Dobson and Beaumont, specialists in thread rolling and precision engineering in the UK, draw on years of experience to offer same-day quotes and industry-leading lead times. They prioritise fostering strong, long-term relationships with customers who trust them with their reputation. Their services include roll-only machining, machining and rolling of free-issue materials, complete supply of machined and rolled parts, centerless grinding, ultrasonic testing, MPI inspection, collaboration with subcontractors for heat treatments and coatings, catering to both one-offs and repeat business.

UK precision-engineered components

Tormo Ltd

Tormo Limited has been supplying quality UK precision-engineered components to highly demanding industries for over 125 years. Their products and services, including turned components and CNC milling, successfully blend uncompromising quality and service with cutting-edge technology and agile supply chain management techniques demanded by modern industry. This successful combination, supported by their accumulated knowledge, ensures they meet the evolving needs of their customers.

+44 (0) 208 207 5777

Precision Engineering Company


Teknimek, a specialist precision engineering company in the UK, provides CNC machining services to diverse industries including Aerospace, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Electronics, and Packaging. Based in the southeast of England, Teknimek Engineering specialises in CNC Turning and CNC Milling, along with fabricating and assembling electrical components. They offer comprehensive manufacturing, sales, and distribution services, serving sectors such as Aerospace, Motorsport, Consumer Electronics, Marine, and Oil and Gas.

+44 (0)1420 520900

What is the meaning of Precision Engineering?

Precision engineering encompasses designing and manufacturing highly accurate components and parts. These are made to exact specifications, crucial across industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. Examples include intricate gears, precise valves, medical instruments, and electronic components.

UK precision engineering manufacturers are highly sought after for several reasons. They possess extensive experience and expertise, ensuring high quality quality and reliability. They invest in cutting-edge technology, enabling the production of complex components with exceptional precision. Additionally, they adhere to stringent quality standards and regulations, guaranteeing product reliability and safety.

The benefits of using UK precision engineering manufacturers are manifold. Their ability to produce highly accurate components ensures optimal performance and functionality of end products. Their efficient production processes and adherence to strict quality control measures reduce waste and enhance cost-effectiveness. Moreover, collaborating with local manufacturers facilitates easier communication, shorter lead times, and greater flexibility in accommodating changes or customisation requests. Overall, UK precision engineering manufacturers offer unparalleled quality, reliability, and efficiency, making them the preferred choice for industries demanding precision and excellence in their components.

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