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In 2019 British car manufacturers produced 1.3 million, dropping from 1.7 million since 2016. So which British cars are still made in the UK? Well there are a few you may not have known, and some you can’t afford to buy. And yes we know that many famous British car brands have been sold to bigger overseas giants, but the fact we still make cars in Britain is important. Here is our list of British made Cars. Oh and just so you know, it dosen’t have to be British owned to be British made. Where it is made is defined by where the last significant change took place. So if it is assembled here, it is still Made in Great Britain

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Best British Cars

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Mini Hatchback

The Mini. An icon of Great Britain. If someone asks you to name 10 things that represent Britishness, this would probably up there. Famous Mini owners have included, George Harrison, Steve McQueen and Mick jagger. It’s been German owned by BMW since 1994, but it is still made in Britain in Cowley, Oxfordshire. When BMW bought Rover, they were still producing the old classic. The German company relaunched the new version successfully while still retaining its charm that made it one of Britains most loveable cars. In 2020 Mini are ready to launch their all electric hatchback which will be made in Britain in the same Oxford factory. 

British Car Manufacturers

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Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is a very popular family car Made in Sunderland. The factory which is probably the biggest producer of British cars over here, first began production on the Nissan Bluebird ( remember them? ) back in 1986. They have now moved on to making this and also the Nissan Juke and the electric car Nissan Leaf. 

Best British Cars

vauxhall astra, made in britain,

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra and the Opel Astra haveare produced in Ellesmere Port in Chesire. The production in Britain of this car is under threat since its current owners PSA took over Vauxhall in 2017.  The Ellesmere Port plant has been earmarked to make the Astra in 2021 depending on the trading relationship with the EU post Brexit.

British Car Manufacturers

land rover discovery sport, made in britain,

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport – Made in Halewood, Liverpool along with the Range Rover Evoque. In 2008 Tata Motors took over Jaguar Land Rover. Range Rover were the first luxury SUV in the world in 1970. The latest models of the Land Rover have come a long way since then. Although they can still go off road through the mud, they engineered to perform at their best on the road. 

British Car Manufacturers

Range Rover

Range Rover

Range Rover is a sub brand of Land Rover, and most of them are produced in their factory in Solihull with others made in Halewood, Liverpool. Keeping the same British luxury that it has had over the years and that is reflected in the price. If you have the money to spend, this British car is one to think about. 

Best British Cars

toyota corolla hybrid 2020, made in britain, british car manufacturers

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The new Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2020 will be built in Derby, UK. It’s great news for the British motor industry and British Car Manufacturers  as the engine will also made in North Wales. Toyota has also started production of its all new Hatchback and Estate at the Burnaston facility. 

Alongside these affordable British made cars, there are also some more high class performance cars that are still manufactured here in the UK. The Aston Martin is being built at its Lagonda plant in Wales. The McLaren Speedtail, will be made in Woking, while the Jaguar F-type and Rolls Royce dawn will also be made by British car manufacturers. 

So if you are looking to buy a new motor and you want to help support the British motor industry, keep in mind a few of the ones on our list. If you like this page, please give it a like using the on page social share buttons. You can also comment using the Facebook comments section below. And if you are a fan of all things British made, Why not take a look in our British Business Directory where you can listings for lots of great British made items. 

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