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Turn it to volume 11 – Take a look at some of the best British audio brands including speakers and British made turntables. Shop other famous British electronics manufactures that are  creating quality sound machines for the enjoyment of the British people. 

Award Winning British Hi-Fi

Rega have being making award winning Hi-Fi since 1973. Rega products include CD Players, Loud Speakers, Amplifiers, Record Players, Cartridges and accessories. Rega  produce around 2000 turntables alone every month. They employ 90 people in their manufacturing facility in Essex, England. 

British made Speakers

Acoustic Energy was founded in London, England on April 4th 1987. The first product from the factory was the legendary AE1 compact Loudspeaker. The AE1 set a new standard in compact speaker performance that has been the basis of the company’s product ethos ever since. Over the last 30 Years Acoustic Energy have won hundreds of awards and accolades from the world’s Hi-Fi press and remains one of the most highly regarded loudspeaker companies in the world.

British Hi-Fi Brand

British Audio Brands – Roksan is a British manufacturer of Hi-Fi turntables, audio and vinyl electronics, ranging from tonearms, cartridges, amplifiers and CD players. Formed in 1985, Roksan joined the world of specialist audio with the introduction of their first high end record player, the Xerxes. They now have over 30 different products which include analogue and digital sources, electronics and amplification. All perfect for your audio needs. 

Best British made Speakers

HiFi, Home Theatre and Custom Install Speakers. Based in Scotland, Fyne Audio create and manufacture award-winning speakers for those with a desire to have the finest sound quality in their home. Available in stores and Amazon UK

British made Speakers

Wilson Benesch is a British company that designs and manufactures high-end audio equipment, most notably loudspeakers and turntables. Founded in 1989 in Sheffield, England, it is a globally recognised brand. 

Spendor loudspeakers are easy to set up and work perfectly with whatever Hi-Fi equipment you have. All Spendor loudspeakers are assembled at their production facility in Sussex,

British made Speakers – Proac Ltd is a British loudspeaker manufacturing company. They have been crafting some of the finest speakers available for over 30 years. Proac’s Response range is the epitome of high end sound. 

British HiFi Brands

Origin Live are award winning manufacturers and dealers in British made Hi Fi equipment based in the UK, specialising in Tonearms, Turntables and Audio Upgrades.

British Speaker Brand – PMC have been making music since 1991. PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy® for their contribution to recording excellence.

An English Company who design and manufacture in the UK. Custom Design are a family company committed to creating innovative, specialist Speaker Stands and Hi-Fi Furniture.