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It’s something we do and do well. With some of the best toolmakers in the world we still craft some of the finest. If you want your tool to last and are willing to pay for that quality and craftsmanship then here are a few you might like. 

William Whitney have been making scissors since 1760. Sharp , precise and a joy to use as you would expect with them coming from Sheffield. From Chef’s cleavers to gardeners pruners and classic pocket knives you can’t go wrong with these fine British made tools. 

Footprint have been making hand tools in England since the 1760’s. They have a reputation for high quality alongside reliability and value for money. Their tools are appreciated by tradesman around the world. Product range includes, builders tools, decorating, woodworking and pipe wrenches. 

British made Tools – The Carter Shovel was invented for the rapidly increasing coal mining industry way back in 1870. They continue to make high quality hand tools including spades, rakes, garden loppers and shears. They are proud to still be family owned and run. Website supplies to trade only. 

British Tools – Thomas Flynn have been crafting hand tools and saws since 1923. Their popular brands include Pax, Lynx Robert Dorchester Saws. Catering for all your woodworking needs, their range also includes hand and bench planes. Very high quality so expect to pay prices in line with that. 

Best British Tools and Toolmakers

Crown Hand Tools are proudly made in Sheffield. Alongside their traditional woodworking and woodturning hand tools, they also have a range of decorating and builders tools available, including hammers, punches and chisels. 

British Tools – Quality professional tools with a worldwide reputation for performance. King Dick offers a huge range of British made, high quality hand tools such as wrenches, socketry, tool sets and tethered tools. 

British made Tools – Monument design and manufacture professional tools for heating, roofing and plumbing. Their products include spanners, pipe cutters, saws and pliers.  Monument sell through UK suppliers. 

British Tools and Manufacturers

British Toolmakers Betts make a range of spirit levels, pocket levels and other tools, in Sheffield. They also have tools for brick laying, drill bits, saws, tape measures and trimming knives. 

J B Billhooks axes, Billhooks and slashes are forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The tools are crafted by hand with hammer for the professional and amateur user.    

Bee Gee Brushes a family owned business, have been been manufacturing a complete range of paint brushes for 30 years at their West Midlands based factory.  They also make Chalk painters and Make up Brushes. 

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