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British Corner Shop - Important Update 2024

The British Corner Shop was an online supermarket delivering food and groceries and catering to UK expats worldwide. Since 1999, they provided a delightful array of UK’s famous brands, from Marmite to Branston Pickle and Cadbury chocolate bars. Regrettably, challenges such as the impact of COVID-19 led to its closure and entry into administration in January 2024. Customers, unfortunately, faced unfulfilled orders, and compensation remains uncertain as administrators intend to sell assets to meet creditor obligations. If you are among the affected customers, reaching out to might be a resource for further information.

Alternative British Corner Shop - Delivery Services Worldwide

We’ve put together a few alternative online shops where you can still buy great British brands and have them delivered to family or yourself abroad. This means you can still order your favourite gravy, custard or pickle you just can’t live without. Send British brand snacks and treats to loved ones and expats all over the world. Check out the online grocery shops below and discover your favourite British brands in one place, delivered right to your door.

Alternative to British Corner Shop

Missing British treats? McGrocer’s got you covered! They deliver a world of flavours to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Explore international favourites alongside those hard-to-find British goodies you crave. From familiar brands to exciting discoveries, McGrocer caters to every foodie.
But wait, there’s more! McGrocer offers a vast array of household essentials, beauty products and more. They even have options for all dietary needs. Say goodbye to international shopping hassles! Their dedicated team curates your order from top UK stores and delivers directly to your door worldwide. Visit today and rediscover the world of flavours you love.

British Brands Delivered Worldwide excels as a premier online supermarket and alternative to the British Corner Shop. It offers an extensive selection of famous British brands in food, groceries, toiletries, and household goods. They serve not only British expats living abroad but also enthusiasts worldwide, providing an authentic UK product range. The user-friendly website ensures an easy shopping experience. Britsuperstore prioritises customer satisfaction and British brand product delivery to many locations abroad. The company’s dedication to efficiently delivering quality products has solidified its reputation as a trusted source for those seeking a taste of Britain, regardless of their location.

British Brands Delivered Worldwide, a global online platform, presents a diverse array of British products to customers worldwide. Just like the British Corner Shop, it focuses on food, beverages, household items, and beauty products, and serves British expats and international customers. Its user-friendly website offers a convenient shopping experience and its commitment to quality brings customer trust. BritishEssentials efficiently delivers products, bringing the essence of Britain to doorsteps worldwide. It stands as a reliable source for those seeking the distinctive flavours and products of the UK.

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