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Are you a British Expat living abroad in Spain, France, USA, Australia, or anywhere else? Do you miss those familiar British food brands that you can’t find where you live now? Perhaps it’s Marmite, Bovril, Jaffa Cakes, Bisto gravy, Warburtons crumpets, Paxo, or Jammie Dodgers. If these brands make you feel homesick, why not order them online and have them sent to you? Made in Great Britain has compiled a list of the best British online shops that offer British patriots worldwide delivery. Order your favourite UK brands, from chocolate to sauces and pickles. Take a look and fill your shopping cart with delicious treats from good old Blighty.

British Corner Shop For Expats

The British Corner Shop is a treasure trove of great British brands. Offering a wide range of food and groceries from cereals to household goods. It’s a perfect haven for British expats and nationals living all over the world who crave the taste of home.

The British Corner Shop ensures that British expats, living in Spain, Australia or anywhere, can easily access their favourite UK products. No matter how far from the British Isles you may be, you can still enjoy the familiar flavours and comforts of British home brands.

What sets the British Corner Shop apart is their reputation as a trusted international brand. Their commitment to excellence has been recognised by none other than the Queen herself. They are proud winners of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This prestigious accolade signifies their dedication to delivering outstanding service and quality to their customers worldwide.

Are you longing for a bowl of your favourite British cereal, a taste of your cherished household goods, or simply a comforting reminder of home? Well, the British Corner Shop is your go-to destination. They bring the very best of British brands to your doorstep, ensuring that no matter where life takes you, a slice of British is just a few clicks away.

British Essentials for Expats

British Essentials™ stands out as more than just an ordinary online supermarket. It serves as a lifeline shop for British expats and nationals living abroad in countries like Spain, USA, Canada, and Australia. This platform specialises in delivering a wide range of beloved British brands to customers and expats worldwide.

With an impressive selection, British Essentials™ proudly offers the largest range of British products available online. From the velvety goodness of Cadbury chocolate to the savoury tang of Marmite. You can rediscover comforting sips of Tetley tea and the familiar taste of Heinz sauces. Their shelves are stocked with an extensive array of well-known British brands that will transport you back to the tastes and comforts of home.

Award Winning British Brand

British Essentials™ has gained recognition for its exceptional service and unwavering commitment to delivering authentic British products worldwide. Customers across the globe appreciate their dedication to providing a seamless shopping experience.

So, are you longing for the nostalgic treats of childhood or simply seeking a taste of British goodness? British Essentials™ is your new trusted ally. With just a few clicks, you can access a diverse range of British brands carefully selected and delivered straight to your doorstep. Embrace the convenience and delight of British Essentials™, and savour the flavours that connect you to your British heritage.

The Foods British expats Miss the Most

When moving abroad, British expatriates often find joy in exploring new local cuisines and discovering delicious new foods. However, it’s only natural to occasionally yearn for some beloved British classics. While everyone has their personal favourites, there are certain British products that almost all expats dearly miss to shop for when moving away.

Curious to know which British items top the list for those living abroad? Look no further, as we’ve compiled some of the most sought-after treasures craved by expats around the globe. These iconic British delights serve as comforting reminders of home, evoking feelings of nostalgia and a sense of connection to their roots.

As a british expat, which do you miss the most?

Cadbury chocolate:

By far one of the most popular chocolate brands in the UK, Cadbury is sorely missed by many expats who long for the wide variety of tempting Cadbury products that line supermarket shelves. There’s just something about Cadbury chocolate that makes it irreplaceable.

Heinz tinned products:

Another brand greatly missed by expats living abroad is Heinz. While Heinz tomato ketchup is a staple that many can’t live without, it’s Heinz baked beans and Heinz soup that truly tug at the heartstrings of expats. These tinned delights are essential items for the pantry and remain a favourite among people of all ages.

McVities biscuits:

For many Brits, a day isn’t complete without a biscuit, especially if they’re avid tea drinkers. When it comes to biscuits, McVities is often the top choice. From the classic hobnobs and chocolate digestives to the unique ginger nuts, expats often find that no other biscuits they can find abroad can compare to the goodness of McVities.

Walkers crisps:

While most countries have their brands of crisps, some even similar to those in the UK, many expats still can’t resist the allure of a packet of Walkers crisps. Everyone has their favourite type and flavour, but as a brand, Walkers is undeniably one of the most sought-after.

Bisto gravy granules:

A roast dinner is arguably one of the most popular meals enjoyed by Brits, and it’s no surprise that Bisto gravy granules are one of the British food products that many expats miss. No comforting winter dinner is complete without a quality boat of gravy.

Warburtons crumpets:

Whether enjoyed as is or with favourite toppings, Warburtons crumpets are among the most missed savoury foods by ex-pats. Their unique texture and flavour make them a much-loved breakfast item, and there simply isn’t another product quite like them. It’s understandable why British Nationals living abroad miss this beloved breakfast treat so much.


This spread is one of the most controversial products in the UK, as you either love it or hate it. However, it’s also something that many expats look forward to having whenever they return home. Marmite truly stands alone and can’t be compared to any other spreads out there.

Branston pickle:

Last but certainly not least, Branston Pickle is a lunchtime favourite, particularly in a cheese sandwich. British expatriates struggle to find anything similar when living abroad. This sweet but spicy pickled chutney boasts a flavour that is instantly recognisable and quintessentially British in its own right.

These iconic British delights are dearly missed by expats living abroad. They represent a taste of home and the unique flavours that make British cuisine so special.

Which Countries have the most British expats

According to The United Nations data 2019;

1Australia, British expat population (2019): 1,262,204.
2USA, British expat population (2019): 716,260.
3Canada, British expat population (2019): 531,584.
4Spain, British expat population (2019): 302,020.
5Ireland, British expat population (2019): 293,061.
6New Zealand, British expat population (2019): 272,436.
7France, British expat population (2019): 176,672.
8South Africa, British expat population (2019): 131,310.
9Germany, British expat population (2019): 98,553.
10Italy, British expat population (2019): 65,645.

More British brands for Expatriates

Britsuperstore is an online retailer that caters to the needs of British nationals and expatriates living abroad. With their worldwide delivery service, they make it easy for individuals to get their hands on their favorite British brand products, no matter where they are in the world.

At Britsuperstore, you’ll find a wide range of British groceries, household items, and beloved brands that are often missed by those living outside the UK. Whether you’re craving the rich taste of Cadbury chocolate, the comforting sips of PG Tips tea, the tangy delight of HP Sauce, or the distinct flavour of Branston Pickle, Britsuperstore has got you covered.

Discover More British Brands and Products

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