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Let us help you find British made products from designers and manufacturers all over Britain.  Browse our British and UK business directory to find British Shoe Brands, Beauty and Skincare, British Clothing Brands, sportswear, jewellery, furniture appliances and more, all 100% made in Britain. 

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British Clothing Brands for women. Find women’s clothes designed and made in England, Scotland and Wales using quality sustainable fabrics and materials.  

British Clothing Brands for Men. Shop for men’s quality clothing, made in England, Scotland and Wales using skilled artisans and quality craftsmanship. 

British shoe brands for women.  Quality British shoe brands by Britains top shoe designers and manufacturers. Whether its everyday or designer high end.  

British shoe brands for men. Buy a pair of British made, built to last shoes, boots or trainers from some of the very best shoemakers in Britain. 

Designer handbags and accessories made in Britain. Quality bags for every occasion from some of Britains best bag designers.  

British made underwear and swimwear. Some of the British swimwear brands are made using ethical and sustainable materials. 

Help support the British beauty industry. Here you can find British made beauty products and skincare, including organic and vegan skincare all made in Britain. 

Shop from some of the best British made children’s clothing brands. You will also find baby, toddler and some maternity clothing, all British made. 

Take a look around our British made pet accessories category. Shop for British made luxury dog beds, collars, leads and more. 

Click here to find award winning British made wine makers and other British drinks brands.  Shop for British made beers, Gins, cheeses and more. 

Click here and shop for British made furnishings and homeware Beds, and Bedding. British made sofa’s, lighting and bespoke kitchens. 

Find British sellers of gifts and giftware. You will also find luxury games, unique mementos and British made Jewellery. 

British Technology. Cello TV’s, White Tumble dryers and eBac dehumidifiers. More coming soon. 

Click here and find some of the best British sports brands, British made bicycles and outdoor equipment, all made in Britain

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British Businesses need your help!

British Businesses need your help. We would all like to buy more products from companies that manufacture in Britain and the UK. So here at Made in Great Britain, we have done the hard work for you. We’ve put together The British and UK Business Directory bringing you categories of the Best British Clothing Brands, for Men, Women and children, alongside others such as British Beauty, Bags, Home, Furniture, Sports and more. You can also find UK ethical clothing brands and businesses using sustainable materials. Some companies mislead customers into thinking their products and Made in Britain, when in reality  they are only designed here and often made abroad and assembled or finished off in this country. By buying British, we can help bring the cost of manufacturing in Britain down. That means British products will become cheaper, while still maintaining the same great quality. Please bookmark the British and UK Business Directory and make it your first choice when you want to buy British. Help spread the word with a Social Media Share and follow us. 

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