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Lets cut straight to the chase. Great Britain means, England, Scotland and Wales, and is the largest island in the British isles.

The British Isles, consist of Great Britain, Ireland, The Isle of Man, The Hebrides and about 6000 other small islands. 

Britain was a political entity that referred to the Roman territory of Britannia Major, that was conquered by the Romans and as they never conquered Scotland, it only refers to England and Wales. 

The kingdom of Great Britain came about through the 1707 acts of union between the kingdom of England, ( which had already comprised the countries of England and Wales) and the kingdom of Scotland.

In 1801 the kingdom of Great Britain united with the Kingdom of Ireland, forming the kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland which later was re-named the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern ireland, after the Irish free state seceded in 1922. 

The UK or United Kingdom means, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Politically, Great Britain and Northern Ireland consitute the United Kingdom or U.K/UK

Hope that’s clear. Now read on about how Made in Great Britain helps promote and support British made products and manufacturers. If you are wanting to try and buy more British made products, or UK made products then you can be sure that all the websites featured on our site make their products within the UK. Made in Great Britain is the name of our website but we also include products that are made in the UK. 

Made in Britain is a website that promotes British made products and manufacturers. 

If you want to buy more products that are made in Britain, then we help you find them. We promote British made products and manufacturers. Every website that is featured, you can be guaranteed that all their products are made 100% in the UK. 

Some of the British made categories that we feature are, 

Mens Clothes


Shoes for Men

Shoes for Women


Pet Accessories

Beauty products

Food and Drink



So if you are looking to buy British made products or items that are Made in England, Made in Scotland, Made in Wales, or Made in Northern Ireland, have a look at our site. It’s not an exclusive list, but it is a good guide with a fair mix of British made items. Please take a look around and share this page. Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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