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Made in Great Britain take a look at some of the best British made cruelty free, Vegan shoes and footwear brands that are 100% Made in Great Britain and the UK. Please note that it is increasingly difficult to find vegan shoe brands that make in the UK. But we have also found some completely British made shoe brands that offer a vegan range. None of the shoe brands on this page make their products in other countries. 

Vegan Shoe Brands

Freerangers offer animal and cruelty free vegan footwear alongside other vegan accessories. All their items are hand-made in their own workshop right here in the UK. Their research ensures that there is no animal involvement to their component parts. They are licensed to display the Vegan Society sunflower, so you can buy with confidence. They claim to have the largest range of colours in their footwear range with some 19 shades available. Freerangers also offer a full refurbishing service so you can enjoy your shoes, boots and sandals for years to come. Prices range from about £62-£125 for sandals, shoes and boots. 

Vegan Footwear, Made in Britain

Green Shoes have been hand-making vegan shoes and footwear since the 1990’s. They offer durability and comfort, made form hard-wearing micro fibres and are available in a range of colours. All their shoes are handmade in Britain in their workshop on Dartmoor. You can also order samples of vegan material and they will send what they have available closet to your colour match. Prices range from around £190 – £375 for vegan sandals, shoes and boots. 

Vegan Shoes, Made in Britain

Grenson are one of the best British shoemakers and have been for a long time. They are not a vegan shoe brand, but they have now produced range of vegan footwear for men and women. Totally free from animal products, they are made from microfibres that mimic natural cowhide. With around 20 different styles in their vegan footwear collection, the prices range from around £195 – £295

British made Vegan Shoes

Noble and Wylie, hand-make a small range of Eco-Lorica vegan shoes for mens and women. British made by artisans in their workshop in Sheffield, England. They use a leather like material that was developed for Japanese fisherman. It is a very durable and breathable material and can be used for most of the styles they produce. Available in a variety of colours. 

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