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There are a number of ways that you can have use of our Made in Great Britain logo.

If you are a British Manufacturer or company that makes products in Britain, you can advertise with us by the way of an annual Business Subscription. Not only will you have active social media promotion, and a business listing with links to you website and social media accounts, but you will have full use of our Made in Great Britain logo for use on your website and emails. With our Premium + subscription package you can also use the logo on your products and packaging. ( If they are Made in Britain ) Please note that use of the logo on your website must have a follow link back to us.

More ways to use the logo

If you are a Blogger, or Social Media Influencer or have a website that writes or promotes British products and services, you can take out a £5 monthly Made in Great Britain membership. This will entitle you to use of the Made in Great Britain member logo on you website or blog, emails, newsletters. You will also be entitled to discounts on other services we provide. Please note that when using the logo on your blog it must have a follow link back to us.

If you take out a Business feature page or Best of British blog feature with us, you can use the Made in Britain logo in links to us from your website or blog. Submit articles about Britain, or write about great British made products. If you are business that makes in Britain, we can create you a business page with SEO or appear in our Best of British blog posts.

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