Best British Menswear Brands

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Made in Great Britain take a look at some of the best British menswear brands.  Shop for everything from  luxury clothing for men to world famous knitwear brands and the finest tailored shirts. Buy British made menswear today and  support our British makers,  craftspeople, artisans and designers.  Buy British made whenever you can. 

Teddy Edward clothing is steeped in classic British heritage. Sourcing only the finest quality materials Britain to make their collection of British Menswear with a contemporary twist, from Polo Shirts, to T-shirts and Coats. Teddy Edward also offer the Laybuy payment option so you can spread your payments over 6 weeks with 0% interest added.  

Best British menswear Brands

Private White VC is one of the best luxury British menswear brands that manufacture in their own factory in Manchester. Their collection includes luxury men’s jackets, overcoats and 100% waterproof rainwear. Over the many years that they have been around Private White VC have created luxury garments for Kings, Queens, Presidents, Musicians, Sports Greats and icons of Hollywood. And all this as well as manufacturing for as many other British luxury menswear brands as you can think of. 

Best British Menswear Brands

Peregrine, a luxury British menswear brand, have been manufacturing clothing in England for over 220 years. Offering something a bit different, they want people to be excited about where their clothing comes from. Every step of production from the first part of design process to the last stitch, happens in this country with them having a close working relationship with their clothing manufacturer in Manchester. Peregrine have their clothing in over 80 different shops across the UK as well as Europe, Canada and the USA. 

British Menswear Brands

John Smedley produce the worlds finest iconic made in Britain Knitwear and have been nanufacturing from the same factory in Lea Mills since 1784. This is the oldest manufacturing factory in the world and so it can take up to a year to produce some of their best knitwear. These are then created using materials such as merino, cotton and cashmere. The worlds finest British craftsmen work on the knitwear from design to finish and John Smedley is still a family owned British Business. 

Clothing Made in Britain for Men

Hebtroco, British made to last – Make British made Jeans, Trousers, Belts, and Footwear in the North of England and all items are guaranteed for life! Hebtroco was started in 2016 in Hebdon Bridge, known as trouser town. They started with trousers and soon added jeans, belts and men’s shoes and boots to their collection. Focusing on their quality of production they work with various mills and factories in Britain. 

Best British Men's Clothing Brands

SEH Kelly make a special kind of garment. In both design and quality they make men’s clothing the will stand the test of time. SEH Kelly designed shirts and coats and jackets, trousers, knitwear and accessories are made from some of the finest sourced materials and manufactured around the British Isles. , trousers and knitwear

British Men's Clothing Brands

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing was established in 2009 by Paul Brown. They spent years designing shirts in England but making them in Italy until Paul decided to offer more and needed a more flexible product line. They now have their own manufacturing facility in Suffolk and all their shirts are now designed and Made in England. Their label with sheep logo also proudly states Made in Britain. And as well as luxury shirts for men, they also make chinos, waistcoats, polo shirts and a ladies collection. 

Menswear made in UK

Oxford Blue is a leading British Country Clothing brand. They specialise in tweed and wax clothing for men and women. They have a great collection of coats and jackets. They use only the best quality materials in manufacturing their classic designs since 1968. Considering the quality and craftsmanship in their garments, they still come at affordable prices. Trading as a family business, they are still able to compete in a highly competitive market due to their self sufficiency and their Oxford Blue heritage. 

Menswear made in UK

Cock and Bull – organic menswear made in the UK – is a British ethical and sustainable menswear brand. Although they are specialists in tweed waistcoats and hats, they also have a collection of organic shirts, jeans and socks. All of their garments are 100% made in Great Britain. The Cock and Bull emphasis is on ethical and sustainability sourcing and production of their garments, and against the low cost high street throwaway clothes. They hope that by buying an item of their clothing which is British built to last, that it will be passed on to a child or grandchild at some point. 

Best British Menswear Brands

United Overalls are a new British menswear brand based in London making UK made denim. They work with the only denim mill left in England and the best jeans manufacturer in the UK. Their jeans are made using highest quality selvedge denim and are crafted in an environmentally friendly way, by using no water treatment or containing any plastics in the finished garment.

Menswear Brands UK

Emma Willis is a boutique bespoke and ready to wear shirtmaker in London. Befor Emma started her business, she trained at the Slade School of Art. She opened her business in 1989, making men’s shirts, ties, boxer shorts and nightwear, all of which is made in England. Her philosophy is stick to the traditional shirt making techniques and craftsmen, while using luxury Swiss and Indian south sea island cottons. 

British Menswear Brands

Pajotten is a British unisex clothing brand in 2016, making qiet contemporary clothes from natural fibres and includes garments like indigo chore ware and aprons.  Pajotten make workwear inspired, sustainable clothing which is all made in Britain and made to order in their Kent studio. Pajotten are keen to source fabrics from UK mills and factories. They aim to reduce waste and use trimmings to make bags or give to charity for recycling.  

Best British Menswear Brands

Hiut is a British designer menswear, denim brand for Men and Women. Based in Cardigan, this small town used to make 35,000 pairs of denim jeans a week. Although that factory closed, the skills remained and now Hiut has brought denim manufacturing back to Cardigan. Hiut make the best denim jeans they can, everyday, using the best cuts of denim and cut them using an expert dye. They also have a philosophy of encouraging you to go as long as possible without washing your jeans. The reasons are that the longer you go without washing them, the more beautiful pair you will have. You can sign up for their No Wash Club newsletter, and follow their rules of no washing. 

Menswear Made in UK

This is not a definitive list of all British made menswear brands, but it is some of the best Menswear brands that are Made in Great Britain. Please bookmark the page and check back soon as we update with more British men’s clothes brands. If you have any suggestions about any other luxury British menswear brands you would like to see feature, let us know. And you can also shop for more British made men’s clothes here