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Shaun Brownell of Rhubarb Chairs London, is passionate about traditional trades and maintaining classical upholstery techniques. His eclectic bespoke designs are immaculately executed, using up-cycled and re-cycled furniture and upholstery. The stunning bespoke seating and upholstered chairs would certainly not look out of place in luxury hotels, designer boutiques in the city, and private country clubs. Every exquisitely designed upholstered chair and bespoke seating piece is totally unique and will never be reproduced.

Bespoke Upholstered Designer Chairs

Some of the designer chairs created by Shaun are made to look like someone is still sitting in it. The up-cycled material used could be old military uniforms for example. The attention to detail on each piece is something to be truly admired.

Vintage style chairs and seating

The chairs often seem to bring together a little bit of history combined with their own personality. From vintage style chairs covered with tweed jackets, to old fashioned style suits, shirts and ties. Sourcing the materials takes time and research to ensure the finished piece is exactly right.

Bespoke Seating Designs

Every piece of seating is just so irresistibly inviting. They draw you in visually to start with before making you want to reach out and touch the upholstery. Recapturing antique, retro and vintage styles, you can just imagine one of these upholstered masterpieces in a study, or reception room.

Unique, bespoke designer chairs and seating

We can’t recommend Rhubarb Chairs highly enough. These chairs are one off’s, unique in every way and can be passed down for future generations to enjoy. A statement piece to bring joy and admiration for your home or business. And after all that, it’s made in Britain using British skills and craftsmanship.

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