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The ultimate development in sealing and bonding indoor and outdoor

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CT1 - The Snag List Eliminator

C-TEC specialise in high quality and exclusive problem solving products.

CT1 Sealant – Created by C-Tech –  for all your DIY, and construction needs. 

Snag List Eliminator – The CT1 sealant and all in one construction adhesive will replace numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognised as being the ultimate development in bonding and sealing. CT1 offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material,  including lead, glass, wood and polystyrene, without the need for additional fixings.


CT1 Sealant

Replace all silicone sealants with just one – The CT1 sealant!

Revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology!

CT1 sealant and construction adhesive is the only product in the market with TRIBRID® Technology, making it 360% stronger than a traditional Hybrid Polymer.

With TRIBRID® Technology, it is scientifically proven to have excellent colour retention – white stays white and clear stays clear.

CT1 has unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. CT1 is the ultimate solution for sealing and bonding.

Ct1 sealant will bond successfully the following materials;

All metals (including lead) Glass, Mirrors, All woods, MDF, Polystyrene, Fibreglass, Tiles, Concrete, Most stones (without staining), Most synthetic materials, Plastics (excluding PP, PE and PTFE)

More C-Tech Products

All products following CT1 have and will follow the same ethos.  They have to be unique in their quality and must fill “ The Snag List Eliminator ” criteria.

BT1 – Ultimate Bathroom Sealant & Adhesive. Resistance to mould and fungal growth. 

Power Grab n Bond – Construction adhesive – Eliminate Fixings – Reduce labour by 50%

Miracle Seal – Permanently seals small leaks in radiators, hose pipes and water pumps.

Multi Solve -multi-purpose solvent; for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants.

Superfast Activator – A new concept in superglue – ability to bond and in many cases fuse base materials together.

What makes CT1 the best apart from being British made? 

CT1 has been the world’s leading construction adhesive and sealant for a while. However, it has now officially been crowned the world’s undisputed best building and construction sealant with over 25 accreditations to its name. Its new TRIBRID® technology secured CT1  approval from the prestigious NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association). This is the first time in the history of sealants and adhesives that an asthma and allergy association and recognised and credited a product with a stamp of approval. 

Certification and Awards

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certication and awards

All C-Tech products are Made in the UK.  If you are looking for the best DIY all in one products, or professional building products, be sure to choose C-Tech. Professional building products specialists for bonding adhesives and sealants. 

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