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If it’s time to upgrade your golf clubs, golf bag, golf trolley or even how you look on the course, then try to support British made if you can. There is nowhere near as many clubs and equipment made in the UK as there once was, with many companies selling out to the Americans or manufacturers is Asia. But here are some sellers that still make in Britain at the time of writing. 

Babouche Golf produce a small range of colourful golf club head covers that are made in the UK. They will definitely make your golf club bag stand out from the crowd. And Babouche also offer a range of golf towels and leather golf club covers but these are NOT made in Britain. 

Glenmuir was founded in Lanark, Scotland in 1891. For a 30 year period they provided golf shirts and knitwear to the Ryder Cup team. In 2001 Glenmuir was acquired by the Ruia Group, but they decided to stay true to their heritage and continue to manufacture their golf clothing garments in Scotland. 

Forgan was founded in 1860 at “the home of golf” St Andrews.  They were taken over by American owned Spalding in 1945 and made clubs in Scotland until 1963 when production was moved to Belfast. They still hand assemble clubs in the UK. 

UK Golf Clothing Brands

Glenbrae are renowned the world over with their heritage in Yorkshire. They create exceptional Golf knitwear and  polo shirts as well as Golf accessories. And their golf knitwear is not only luxurious but also practical and hardwearing. 

British Golf Accessories

Scott Readman Concepts create quintessentially British putters and golf accessories. Their British made golf putters are CNC milled or forged to ensure aerospace precision and are then shaped, stamped, finished and hand-painted. They also have a range of putter covers, wood covers and golf ball markers that are designed and created in their workshop in Bristol, UK. 

British Golf Equipment Brands

Golfs best engineered electric golf trollies, manufactured and made only in the UK. Their first trolley was designed in 1994 with the z frame folding chassis now been adopted throughout the world. Their British built golf trollies will stand the test of time for golfers worldwide. 

British Golf manufacturers

BMS create innovative and professional products for golf courses. From hole cutters to golf ball extractors to signage and more. So if you own a course ( unlikely ) or have a garden big enough to have a few holes, then maybe you can still find something here. And they are all handmade in the UK. 

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