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Carpet Bags - What's the first image you get in your head when you hear the words Carpet Bag? It's possibly a memory of Mary Poppins, pulling out a full sized lamp from hers, or Phileas Fogg in the film Around the World in 80 days!

That’s because they were a popular for of travelling bag back in the 19th century and have been featured on many an old film. Carpet Bags were originally made from Oriental rugs, and were pretty much sustainable because the remnants of carpets were easily purchased as they would have gone unused.

Unique bags, made from carpet

Handmade Carpet Bags – Back in 1974, Loretta Quartey founded the company. Staring out making just a few bags from old carpet by hand, she created an international successful luxury business for bags and luggage. Loretta designed and handmade the first and now famous Cosmic Bag in that same year, and to this day it is one of their best sellers.

Vintage Carpet Bags – Proud of their British Craftsmanship, every single unique bag is designed and hand crafted by a skilled artisan in their workshop. Not all colours and designs will be exactly the same. This is due to the different carpet batches.

Carpet Bags UK – All of their bags are made using viscose. Viscose is a regenerated fibre from polymer materials such as cellulose ( Plant origin ) It is also biodegradable and so its also sustainable.

Carpet Bags of England – Their collection consists of a number of unique and vintage style carpet bags. From small clutch bags, purses, tote bags, shoulder bags, to rucksacks and framed bags.

Carpet Bags Made in England – Prices range from £35 for a purse up to £170 for a large Cosmic Bag. This is a steal when you think about what you are getting for the price. Not only are you getting a beautifully designed and skilfully handcrafted luxury bag, but you are also supporting British craftsmanship. The company ship worldwide, and usually ship within 3 days. This may sometimes be longer depending on the style and materials and due to the fact that they are all handmade. If you want to own a unique, functional and quality crafted bag, then these are a great choice.

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