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Victory in Europe Day ( Ve Day ) means a lot to the people of Great Britain, and the UK. Celebrating the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in World War 2 by Britain and it’s allies. It was a great occasion. Britain had survived and come out on top against the odds. The crowds packed into Trafalgar Square and all the way up to Buckingham Palace. Once there they could see Winston Churchill along with their King and Queen.

Since then, Britain has recognised the 8th of May every year. Other countries around the world also celebrate on either the 8th or 9th. This year 2022 will be the 77th anniversary

Celebrate VE Day

In the UK we generally celebrate VE Day with a 2 minute silence at 3pm. For many of us it is an extremely important day as we remember the suffering and pain that many soldiers and families went through during the Second World War. The silence gives us time to reflect on that especially considering the current war in Ukraine with Russia.

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Rebuilding the British Economy

Following the end of World War 2, Britain was in debt. So was the rest of the world. And there was a huge effort required to get the economy to recover. In the last two years, the pandemic has damaged the British economy along with the rest of the world. Along with the war in Ukraine the cost of energy and fuel has pushed up the cost of living. Interest rates have increased and we are still experiencing long delays at ports such as Dover and shops are struggling to fill shelves with goods from other countries. So it’s important that we continue to support British made brands, manufacturers, artisans and try to buy a British made alternative product whenever we can.

We hope you have a great 8th May VE Day however you choose to celebrate it. If you are feeling extra Patriotic, why not take a look at some of the Great British makers and products featured on our Made in Great Britain website?

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