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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Do you want to be a guest blogger for made in Great Britain? Do you have a blog and would like to write a guest blog post for one of our British products categories? We are looking for British Fashion Bloggers and UK Beauty Bloggers who want to submit guest blog posts to feature on the Made in Great Britain website. Maybe you have a business that makes its products in Britain and the UK and would like to promote your own brand and products with a business blog post?

What can you blog about? You can write an article about any of the businesses featured in our British Businesses Directory or you can write about any products that are made in Britain and any businesses you know that make their products in this country. Once approved, your blog post will feature on the relevant category page for British guest bloggers with links back to you.

And there’s more. Become a member of Made in Great Britain and feature on our British Bloggers page! You will earn points for the quality and number of blog posts you write for us which will move you up the British Bloggers page. We will also recommend you to our Business members who may use you for paid content work. And you also get to have a Made in Great Britain Member logo that you can display on your posts and on your blog. If you want to sign up to be a member of Made in Great Britain, just click on the subscribe button below.

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Click the sign up button below and create your free blogger profile and then use the British guest bloggers form to submit your post for approval. We welcome all bloggers to write about British made products and promoting fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle in this country. Help increase your SEO and attract work from new businesses. Increase your visibility for your blog and posts. We regularly re-post Blog articles throughout our social media and recommend British fashion bloggers and Beauty bloggers to our business members. Don’t waste time. Become a British guest blogger today.

Guest Bloggers Wanted

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British Guest Bloggers

Please read before submitting Guest Blog Post.

Before you submit you blog post, please ensure that it meets our requirements.

1, Any reviewed product or business must be British and Made in Britain.

2, Post must contain a minimum of 300 words.

3, Minimum of 2 links to us. One image link to article and one text link to our blog. Include your URL of your blog in the form.

4, Must include a reference to Made in Britain, Made in UK, Made in Great Britain.

How you score British Guest Blogger post Points. ( Paid Members Only )

10 points per text link to us.

10 points every additional 100 words over 300.

5 points per key words/phrases relevant to product or category.

20 points per blog post.

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British Guest Bloggers, Made in Great Britain

If you are or know any Bloggers that would be interested in featuring as a guest blogger with Made in Great Britain, please share this page using the social media share buttons. Help British bloggers get more exposure and increase their SEO rankings and increase their backlinks, with guest blog posts.

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