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Shop here and find the best of British made Technology such as  TV’s, Electrical items and Appliances that are still 100% Made in Britain and the UK. 


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Ebac remains the number one best selling dehumidifier in the UK. They have also developed some new washing machines to be the first made in the UK in a decade. 

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The following Tumble Dryer types are made in the UK. Gas Tumble Dryers -Compact Vented –Full Size Vented-Integrated Vented and Condenser Tumble Dryers  C77 C767 and C96

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Cello Electronics is the only LED TV brand that still manufacturers products in the UK. We also offer a wide range of accessories, TV cabinets,  soundbars and digital tablets.

British Technology

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Vixen Electronics have created VEMS, a non intrusive monitoring system manufactured in the UK. It supports independent living for older adults, giving peace of mind to their families.

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